Meet The Team Behind Hinterland co.

SURYE (Content Director)

Surye is a freelance writer based in Mullumbimby with special interests in cannabis and holistic health. She first experienced the profound effects of CBD oil while travelling abroad and has been obsessed ever since. She has a degree in English Literature and a background working in marketing, but finds the most joy in bringing stories to life through writing. She can often be found on her paddle board, eating, or researching.

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BRAD (Founder & Writer)

A retired journalist and marketing professional; Brad founded Hinterland co with business partner and mate Erin. Brad is cannabis obsessed, eagerly awaiting widespread adoption in Australia.

Get in touch with Brad via the Hinterland co. Instagram @hinterlandcobyron. Also on LinkedIn, though not very active.

Caleb (Writer)

Caleb is a freelance writer specialising in the cannabis industry. With over a decade of experience, his work has appeared on various websites, journals, and magazines. A cannabis connoisseur himself, Caleb prefers sativa strains to get over that afternoon slump. When he’s not reading mystery novels or writing about cannabis, you can find Caleb walking his dog or enjoying a bike ride in his native country of Canada.


CYTIS (Photographer)

Cytis is the professional photographer behind some of the most downloaded travel and nature images on popular photography sites. As a creative, conceptual photographer and artist, Cytis brings a strong sense of design and storytelling, creating engaging images in any kind of scenario you can imagine. His work has been featured in major travel magazines, publications and on products worldwide. 

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As a retired educator, after 20 years’ teaching primary school children in Australia and 10 years’ training adult ESL students in 6 countries around the world, Ruth Wickham is now a freelance writer with a special interest in Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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ERIN (Founder, Online Marketer & Photographer)

 Erin works helping clients get organic traffic and in his spare enjoys photography. He’s also deeply passionate about sustainability, and a greener future for our planet. Combining these elements, Hinterland co. was born. Also an advocate of everything hemp, CBD and holistic health.

Ed (Writer)

Ed is a passionate and experienced Cannabis writer

AJAY (Writer)

Ajay is a freelance writer and lover of hemp. He co-founded an independent magazine in Manchester, England, and his interests include music, politics and sustainability. He is currently travelling across Asia with neither direction nor encumbrance.


Amber’s writing draws from a versatile background covering health, culture and social impact. Working within the journalistic field, her writing is not only entertaining, but factually sound. Amber’s firsthand experience with Cannabis (living abroad in Canada) bring relevance and resonance to her work.

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JULIA TEICHMANN (Photographer)

Julia is a freelance photographer from Germany. She enjoys traveling and taking shots as she goes on adventures. Her passion for cannabis has led her to take photos of the plant, its seeds, and in oil.

Check out Julia’s website to get in touch.

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