Althea CBD Oil Review: Should You Switch To Althea CBD?


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Jul, 2022

Althea is an Australian medical CBD and cannabis producer that has quickly built a reputation for consistent, high-quality products. As the company aims to bring Althea Australia products to over-the-counter sale soon, now is the perfect time to review their product range.

Who Is Althea?

It is always a good idea to research any CBD oil manufacturer before buying to ensure you are getting a safe, consistent, and high-quality product. So let’s start by taking a look at Althea themselves.

Althea is a relatively new Australian licensed medical cannabis and CBD product manufacturer, founded in 2018. Besides Australia, it also sells medical cannabis products in Europe and Africa and recreational products in Canada.

At the moment, Althea’s products are manufactured in Canada, where an established regulated market ensures high industry quality and consistency standards.

However, the company is also building manufacturing facilities around Victoria in an effort to reduce costs for Australian customers. [1]

Althea Products Sold In Australia

Althea has been selling medical cannabis products in Australia for years. With the recent changes to the scheduling of low-dosage CBD oil, it is now aiming to sell some of those products as over-the-counter medication.

Currently, the only Althea CBD oil product that does not exceed the THC limit for Schedule 3 CBD products is CBD100.

Althea CBD100 is a highly concentrated, full-spectrum cannabidiol oil for oral consumption. Extracted via CO2 from high-CBD cannabis sativa plants, CBD100 is Althea’s most highly concentrated CBD medicinal cannabis product currently available.

CO2 extraction is the most expensive method of extracting CBD oil from plants but also produces the highest quality results. Combined with its minimal THC content, this makes it an excellent option for people looking for a potent CBD product who are concerned about impairment.

The CBD oil is supplied in 25ml to 50ml bottles, which are made of a UV-protective material. The oil itself is a clear amber colour in appearance, and as a decarboxylated oil, it does not require any heating or other preparation to use.

According to Althea CEO Josh Fegan, CBD100 has been prescribed to successfully treat a range of conditions, including insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety.

Because of the low THC dosage, it cannot be used to treat some conditions that are effectively treated with higher doses of THC, such as certain types of seizures.

As a full-spectrum CBD product, the oil also contains traces of the terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. This includes THC, but only a very small amount. Less than 1mg of THC per ml is not nearly enough to have any intoxicating effect.

According to the results of tests carried out by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), bottles of CBD100 contain around 106.5% of the stated dose of CBD and a quantity of THC that is too small to detect.

It also contains hundreds of additional cannabinoids, including cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). These contribute to the Entourage Effect, which many researchers believe gives full-spectrum plant extracts more efficacy than isolated extracts. [2]

Check out this article if you’d like to learn more about accessing medical cannabis in and Australia and the eligibility requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

What Do Patients Say About The Althea Product Range?

Some medical CBD patients praise Althea CBD oils for providing a calming effect and pain relief without the fatigue that can sometimes accompany them.

As a result, they found that the CBD oils supported activities such as working, socialising and exercising.

However, other patients have reported mediocre effects from the oil. This speaks to the fact that different strains and manufacturing techniques affect people differently, and there’s no uniform outcome from consuming a CBD product.

The brand is also noted for providing very consistent dosages from one bottle to the next, which is ideal for patients who are sensitive to dosage changes.

Overall, patients were happy with the price they paid for their Althea CBD oil because of the high CBD concentrations on offer. However, a few reviews mention that their oil bottles are prone to leaking. [4][5]

Where To Buy Althea Products In Australia

Althea’s CBD oil products are only sold to people with medical prescriptions. Accordingly, you can get CBD100 by arranging the order with your local pharmacy after consultation with a doctor.

However, it is usually easier to buy online with a medical prescription. Althea’s products are sold directly from their website, from other online pharmacies, and online telehealth services.

The company’s Althea Concierge service can connect patients with doctors via telehealth appointments so that doctors can prescribe Althea products. Concierge is a free service aimed at making medical cannabis and CBD easier to access.

Some of Althea’s cannabidiol-only products, including CBD100, will be among the first medicinal CBD products to be made available over the counter from a pharmacist following the down-scheduling of CBD to Schedule [3].

This means that CBD100 and other Althea products will be sold without a prescription, although this will still require a consultation with the pharmacist.

This will be the case for accessing CBD Oil In Brisbane, or any other state or territory in Australia.

50ml bottle of Althea Jasper CBD Oil

The Althea Product Range

The Althea product range currently consists of 6 CBD oil products with a wide variety of concentrations of both CBD and THC. These include:

  • CBD100 Cannabis oil (CBD 100mg/ml, THC less than 1mg/ml), sold in 25ml bottles
  • Rideau Cannabis oil (CBD 23mg/ml, THC 1mg/ml), sold in 50ml bottles
  • Jasper Cannabis oil (CBD 8mg/ml, THC 5mg/ml), sold in 50ml bottles
  • Capilano Cannabis oil (CBD 5mg/ml, THC less than 8mg/ml), sold in 50ml bottles
  • Champlain Indica Cannabis oil (CBD less than 1mg/ml, THC 20mg/ml), sold in 100ml bottles

In addition to its range of CBD oils, the Althea product range also includes dried cannabis and CBD bud with varying CBD to THC ratios for patients who prefer to administer their CBD via inhalation.

Althea CBD 100 Costs

All of Althea’s CBD oil products have a recommended retail price of $299 per bottle. Actual prices vary from around $240 to $380 depending on product size, so make sure to shop for the best deal.

If you’re planning a European summer holiday or even moving abroad and want CBD options, this is where to buy CBD oil in Europe.

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