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Sep, 2021

Ananda Clinic’s is Byron Bay’s first medical cannabis clinic. Or more precisely, Byron Bay’s first integrative plant medicine practice.

The Ananda vision is to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and ancient plant medicines, providing an integrated treatment option, truly dedicated to helping patients achieve a sustainably healthier and more balanced life.

Cannabis is a plant and medicine that has coexisted with us for thousands of years. When used and administered safely, it can truly help heal both body and mind.

It’s a sign of the times, a huge step in a new direction.

Ananda couldn’t have been opened in a better place (Byron Bay) by a better guy (Dr J).

Dr Jamie Rickcord, Ananda Clinics Byron Bay

Dr Jamie has been working as a GP in the Northern Rivers region for the past eight years. Upon becoming disheartened with some of the shortcomings of the current medical system, he began his own healing journey which led him far outside the scope of the our current medical

We chatted for hours about the huge potential of cannabis as a medicine, which, if prescribed and administered safely, can be a catalyst for helping people with a number of chronic conditions. People who have been failed by the current medical system and treatment pathways time and time again.

The science and evidence is overwhelming (and still rapidly growing). We need more people in trusted positions to step up.

We’re incredibly excited to watch Ananda evolve over the coming months and years.

To find out more, check out Ananda Clinics here.

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