Astrid Dispensary: Australia’s First Female-Led Medical Cannabis Dispensary


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Nov, 2022

Australia’s first female-led medical cannabis dispensary has set up shop in the heart of South Yarra, joining well-healed neighbours on Chapel Street.

Astrid is a boutique pharmacy specialising in prescription plant medicine therapies for patients across Australia.

The dispensary was founded by clinical pharmacist Lisa Nguyen B.Pharm who has extensive experience working within the Australian medical cannabis industry.

Lisa’s experience working as a Medical Science Liaison alongside various cannabis companies has given her the hands-on experience and knowledge to open a patient-led pharmacy specialising in cannabinoid medicine.

Lisa and her staff ensure that patient education and care are at the heart of everything they do at Astrid.

Despite opening their doors at the height of the pandemic, Astrid has gone from strength to strength and is the leading cannabis dispensary in Australia, and as a testament to this was recently awarded Australian Dispensary Of The Year in 2021.

Astrid offers an end-to-end service that focuses on ease of access in a timely manner; patients can complete an initial screening with one of the dispensaries’ qualified staff, receive a referral to one of their affiliated clinics and then have scripts filled and express posted by the dispensary.

The process is streamlined, easy, and much less daunting for new patients who want to explore plant therapies.

Astrid carries a wide range of medical cannabis products and brands, ensuring they have a solution for every patient’s requirements and budget.

Astrid dispensary prices vary depending on what type of product and which brand is prescribed. However, Lisa and her staff value patient transparency and pricing will be discussed throughout the process.

Despite having her hands full with the pharmacy, Lisa has also recently joined Levin Health’s medical advisory board, where her knowledge and experience regarding the patient journey and cannabis medicine will be a welcome addition to the business.

Astrid Dispensary is leading the way forward within the Australian medical cannabis industry and is operating in a way that’s more akin to the US dispensary model as opposed to a traditional pharmacy.

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