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The best CBD shampoo won’t magically regrow hair on a bald head. It won’t prevent split ends forever and always. But there are CBD shampoo benefits you may not realise.

Adding plant botanicals to shampoo isn’t exactly a novel trend. Manufacturers have been adding hemp seed oil to shampoos for years. But hemp seed lacks cannabidiol, the cannabinoid that gives CBD shampoo its benefits.

This post will discuss CBD shampoo benefits, including using CBD to alleviate hair loss and psoriasis and whether CBD in shampoo is actually legal.

CBD Shampoo Benefits

The jury is still out on the nuts and bolts of how CBD shampoo benefits the scalp. Because of its fatty acid content, some speculate CBD protects your hair from split ends by locking in moisture.

And we know the skin, including the scalp, has cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are what make CBD topical products so effective. The CBD product interacts with the skin’s cannabinoid receptors, impacting the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Whether you’ve found a CBD shampoo bar or a CBD shampoo bottle, the science behind the process is the same. Bars reduce plastic waste and are easier to travel with, but so far as your hair is concerned, one isn’t all that different from the other.

Using CBD shampoo and conditioner gives your scalp’s cannabinoid receptors direct access to CBD. And for those with hair loss or psoriasis, the best CBD shampoo benefits are the ones that alleviate this suffering.

CBD Shampoo for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a complicated process, and there are different reasons behind it. Hair loss can be caused by stress or illness, protein deficiencies, changing hormones, or genetics. Whatever the cause, CBD shampoo for hair loss is a viable solution.

The fatty acids in CBD oil help aid the production of a protein called collagen. In many health and beauty products, manufacturers add collagen because it helps revitalize skin cells.

CBD also contains omegas 3, 6, and 9. These essential oils also help regenerate skin cells, even when applied to the scalp. That said, there is no direct evidence that CBD will cure hair loss.

CBD Shampoo for Psoriasis

An autoimmune disease, patients can manage psoriasis with anti-inflammatory medication. CBD, being an anti-inflammatory, is sometimes sought after by those suffering from this disease.

Psoriasis of the scalp is uncomfortable and itchy. People who suffer from this often look for sensitive hair products to soothe their scalp without doing further damage. That’s where CBD shampoo for psoriasis comes in.

CBD supports the immune system, which is why applying it to the scalp is beneficial. Since our scalp has cannabinoid receptors, going straight to the source with a CBD shampoo for psoriasis will likely be more effective than taking CBD oil orally.

CBD stimulates the secretion and recruitment of cells that are essential to removing skin debris and allowing your skin to heal. Studies confirm this.

A 2019 study[1] saw 20 participants with psoriasis apply a CBD ointment on their affected areas twice daily for three months. Researchers compared their quality of life to the Psoriasis Area Severity Index and found massive improvements.

In a 2020 study[2], 50 people with scalp psoriasis used CBD shampoo for two weeks. The participants reported that the shampoo reduced their itching, burning and general inflammation of the scalp.

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Best CBD Shampoo and Conditioner

We have a growing body of evidence that CBD shampoo and conditioner is more than some marketing gimmick. CBD shampoo benefits are well-established among suffers from hair loss and psoriasis.

But not every CBD shampoo and conditioner is created equal.

High-Quality CBD Shampoo Brands

STEAM Botanicals has a range of CBD-infused shampoos and conditions. All their products have analysis certificates, meaning it’s been third-party tested and approved. And while they provide free shipping in the United States, that’s as far as they go.

Likewise for Life’s Pure CBD Shampoo. Although their products are free of GMOs, sulphates, and artificial colouring (and they never test on animals), the manufacturer is based in the United States.

There are plenty more companies that sell reputable CBD shampoo and conditioners. Some are made for curly hair, others for hair that is flaky or dry. Comparing the different kinds of CBD shampoo and conditioner depends on what you need in a hair product.

Unfortunately, getting these products shipped to Australia is almost impossible. But not entirely.

How to Get the Best CBD Shampoo Shipped to Australia

Suppose you’ve done some research online and found the best CBD shampoo and conditioner brand. But they’re located overseas. Now what?

A freight forwarding company is an answer to this problem. A freight forwarding company gives you (for example) a U.S. address so you can shop CBD shampoo and conditioner products from America and have them shipped to Australia.

The only problem is freight forwarding companies are unequivocal in their terms and conditions that they will not ship illegal products overseas. So even though CBD shampoo is available in the United States without a prescription, it’s illegal for Australians to import it.

That said, people have had success using a freight forwarding company. But there are risks involved.

Where to Buy in Australia

The other option is to find the best CBD shampoo in Australia. For this, DS Laboratories is going to be your best bet. They have CBD shampoo and conditioner products infused with broad-spectrum CBD.

You’ll have to go through the Australian government’s regulatory framework to purchase these products. So you’ll have to find a dermatologist to prescribe you CBD for hair or skin problems.

There, of course, hemp seed oil-based shampoos on the market. But as they lack CBD, their therapeutic value is nil.

The other option is the “green market”. Australians are already buying high-quality cannabis products from this underground market. Even if you can’t find a CBD shampoo that suits your needs, you can also find high-quality CBD oil to make your own shampoo.

CBD Shampoo Recipe

Many do-it-yourself shampoos use water-based ingredients that don’t mix well with CBD oil. So when looking for a CBD shampoo recipe, look for fatty ingredients so your CBD oil has something to bind to.

Here’s a quick, easy CBD shampoo recipe. You’ll need:

  1. half a cup of water
  2. half a cup of Castile vegetable-based liquid soap
  3. One teaspoon of vegetable oil or glycerine (you can skip this part if your hair is naturally oily)
  4. However many drops of CBD oil you prefer.
  5. Combine ingredients and mix.

In Summary

While it may seem that CBD shampoo and CBD skincare are a bit of a fad, there is some research behind the efficacy of cosmetic CBD topicals.

The best CBD shampoos aren’t a cure-all for your skin and hair problems. But CBD-infused shampoos and conditions are better alternatives than products without CBD.

Locating the best CBD shampoos tends to take you outside of Australia. But it’s possible to use freight-forwarding companies to get the products here, albeit not quite aboveboard.

If that’s too risky for you, then there’s always the green market that features high-quality CBD products. And with CBD oil, you can make your shampoo using any number of CBD shampoo recipes online.

Thinking CBD shampoo might be helpful for your pets as well? It may very well be. Check out this guide to cat-friendly CBD products.

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