Where can I buy CBD oil in Australia?

Do you qualify for CBD oil in Australia?

Find out below if you qualify for CBD oil in Australia. We’ll send you follow up information and instructions on getting CBD oil in Australia.

So you’re in Australia and you’re interested in buying CBD oil?

We’re going to explain exactly how and where you can do this. We’ll cover the steps involved, the costs, the dangers and everything in between.

We’ve spent the last few years buying, trying and crying over CBD oil. We’ve imported the stuff, bought it from red eyed black market vendors in tie-dyed shirts, we’ve applied through medical pathways and we’ve spoken to countless companies, doctors, patients, farmers and stakeholders within Australian medicinal cannabis communities.

We’re sharing our findings so that you don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Getting CBD oil safely, medically and legally from a doctor in Australia is far easier than most people think.

It is possible to buy safe and quality oil from the black market, but it’s difficult. If you decide to do this, it’s important to be vigilant and understand the costs (and more importantly), the dangers.

Finding a consistent, high quality CBD oil can absolutely change your life for the better. This article will help you do exactly that.


So where can I buy CBD oil in Australia?

Broadly speaking, here are your three main options:

Import CBD from an overseas company willing to ship to Australia (illegal)

While this is often the cheapest and easiest method, it’s also the most unsafe, especially here in Australia. The one we’d recommend least. Don’t fall for the free shipping and fake reviews.

Find a local, Australian seller (also illegal)

Search for someone locally selling CBD oil (Australia), through the black market. Speak to people in your local community, join Facebook groups etc. It’s often a gamble and largely unsafe because you really just don’t know what you’re getting bottle to bottle.

Find a medical cannabis clinic.

This option is surprisingly straightforward. If you’ve suffered with anxieties, sleep disorders, pains (chronic and sometimes mild), there’s a high chance you’ll qualify. Ideally, find a clinic with Doctors who specialise in cannabis medicine. Speak to your local GP and get a referral to visit the cannabis clinic.

After exploring all three options, we can’t help but encourage the medical use pathway in Australia.

For full transparency, we’ve only explored a small handful of online and blackmarket purchases. There are definitely overseas and local blackmarket sellers with quality products and good intentions, they’re just hard to find.

If you are to buy CBD oil online, what are the dangers?

Aside from the fact you’re doing something illegal, there are a number of additional risks to consider in Australia.

If you decide to purchase CBD illegally through the black market, or import CBD oil from an overseas company, the worst case scenario ranges from wasting money on a product containing only a fraction (or none) of the advertised CBD content, to purchasing a product with harmful moulds, toxins and heavy metals.

Making an uninformed purchase from an overseas company claiming to ship to Australia is nothing short of stupidity. Don’t do it. Most reputable companies overseas wouldn’t risk shipping their product directly to Australia due to legal backlash. So for the most part, you’re dealing with companies who are deliberately trying to sell a poor quality product to an uninformed consumer.

There’s also a fair chance your product will be stopped at the border and you’ll lose your money.

After telling you that purchasing CBD products online isn’t a good idea, I’d like to confess I did exactly this. And this wasn’t even an attempt to research. It was a combination of excitement, impatience and … stupidity. The first attempt resulted in me receiving a poor quality, horrible tasting CBD vape juice, while the second attempt felt to have no CBD content at all.

I won’t name the company, but they were recommended by a popular Australian CBD oil Facebook group.

Buying CBD oil through the blackmarket in Australia

It is possible you can ask around your local communities and/or join online groups and forums to find Australian sellers of CBD oil. Proceed with caution. For every piece of good advice, you’ll likely find ten misinformed and misleading opinions.

While the intention may be good, there is a good chance the information and recommended product is not.

If you search for ‘Australian CBD oil groups Facebook’ and join some communities (ideally ones that are not run by companies selling cannabis oil), you’ll find some references, contacts and products without too much legwork.

Here are two examples:

CBD Oil Australia

CBD Community Australia


Another option is to ask people in your local community. If you have alternative wellness or hemp stores in your area, someone might be able to point you in the right direction. This is ‘illegal’ and may land you in an awkward conversation. So again, proceed with caution.

Under federal law, possessing CBD oil in Australia without a medical permit could land you a criminal offence. It’s unlikely, but it is possible.

I joined Facebook groups, read a lot, asked around, and got a phone number to text. The company messaged me back with details on the different products I could purchase. The quality of information in the text message indicated they knew what they were talking about. I paid and received the product. It was $250 for a 50ML bottle, high CBD low THC oil (at least this is what I was told).

While these people and companies may be well intentioned, it’s often the case that they lack the facilities and resources to sustainably sell high quality, consistent products.

That’s not to say there aren’t companies and people selling high quality, consistent, black market CBD oil in Australia. There certainly are. They’re just hard to find.


How to get (tested, safe) CBD oil from a doctor

Obtaining medical CBD oil (and medical marijuana) in Australia is becoming far easier and far cheaper by the day.

The products might appear to be more expensive, but the ratios, consistencies and consumption advice are going to be of far higher quality. As an example, you might pay for $250 to blackmarket access CBD oil compared with $300 for medical quality. But the medical quality oil could have a higher concentration of CBD making it more cost effective and some of the best CBD oil you’ll get.

Additionally, every person has their own unique endocannabinoid system (the system responsible for keeping you in balance). This is the system CBD partners with and helps regulate.

Even if you and I have a similar physiology and condition, the ratio of cannabinoids we should use to best serve us could be completely different.

2ml of CBD oil use per day might be perfect for me, but not enough for you. A specialised Cannabis Doctor can help you figure this out.

Understanding this is essential in ensuring you get the most out of CBD oil and this extremely versatile plant.



A skilled cannabis practitioner might also recommend to you a product containing both CBD and THC. Most CBD oil you purchase through the blackmarket will be derived from hemp, meaning it will be low in THC. However, a doctor can prescribe and design you a product (oil, flower etc) containing both CBD and THC. The amount of THC won’t necessarily make you high, but will contain therapeutic effects you wouldn’t find in hemp derived CBD oil.

CBD vs THC and how they differ.

We strongly advise against self prescribing with oil, medical marijuana or any cannabis products. A trained professional can really make a huge difference to your experience and results.

Are you eligible for medical cannabis?

Find a doctor.

Apply online.


How much does CBD oil cost?

This is kind of like asking ‘how much does a car cost?’

Buying CBD online, cheap (and usually nasty) can be done for as little as $60 AUD. But you’re probably getting next to no CBD. Who knows what’s in there. Bad idea.

A higher quality black market Australian CBD oil can cost anywhere between $150 and $300 for a 50ml bottle. It fluctuates drastically between sellers. But again, you have no idea how much CBD is actually in the oil, or if it contains harmful heavy metals, toxins, pesticides or moulds. Even if you’re provided with a ratio, there’s no enforced regulations or testing in place.

Medical CBD on the other hand can guarantee a level of consistency and accuracy. It can cost anywhere from $250 to $400 for the 50ml bottle (in addition to the consultation and follow up fee) which may be subsidised by private health and medicare.

It’s consistent from bottle to bottle, you receive expert advice from a trained cannabinoid practitioner on how much you should be taking and when.

Some doctors we’ve worked with have also expressed they are able and willing to work with patients on a budget to ensure they are prescribing both products and treatment plans to match financial requirements.


Is CBD oil legal in Australia?

After diving into the pros and cons of each of the options described above, it’s important we quickly clear up some confusion.

Medical CBD products are legal.

Recreational CBD products are illegal.

CBD oil is still considered a Schedule 4 controlled drug in Australia. It can only be legally accessed through medical pathway and approval.


Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not the same thing

Confusion arises because hemp seed oil (derived from hemp seeds, not to be confused with hemp or marijuana derived CBD oil) is legal and sold in Australia. Hemp seed oil, while incredibly healthy for you, contains little to none of the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Hemp seed oil (and many other hemp products) have an incredible range of health benefits. They’re great sources of omegas and fatty acids, but they don’t contain the same body and mind balancing effects of CBD.

You can purchase hemp products like hemp oil legally from supermarkets in Australia, or from local and overseas websites. The cost shouldn’t be that much greater than a high quality olive oil.

To learn more about hemp seed oil,

The TGA have posted about some misleading claims made by overseas companies here.

Many Australian businesses are selling CBD oil, but labelling it as ‘hemp oil’ to avoid legal repercussions. So hemp oil could be CBD in disguise. Or, more likely, hemp seed oil with a huge price hike.


What is CBD oil?

If you’re now more confused about CBD oil than you were before reading this article, you’re not alone. It’s worth grasping a basic understanding of what CBD oil is along with the benefits.

CBD oil in a nutshell.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many active compounds found within the cannabis plant.

Countless studies are now highlighting the incredible medical benefits. Everything from pain treatment and chronic pain relief, anxiety, PTSD, depression, to epilepsy and seizure treatment,

Most of the CBD products on the market are extracted from the hemp variety of cannabis. Meaning they only contain tiny amounts of THC. This is largely due to the fact that hemp derived CBD is legal to sell in the US, and arguably less frowned upon in Australia.

If you’re working with a cannabinoid doctor, the CBD product may be derived from the marijuana variant of the plant. You will definitely have more transparency over the exact ratios. The amount of THC won’t necessarily lead to you having a psychoactive effect, but may be more beneficial from a medical and therapeutic standpoint.


What to look for in a CBD Product

If you can’t receive answers to these questions, you really shouldn’t be wasting your money or risking your health.

  • How is the oil made?
  • Is the oil full spectrum?
  • Is the cannabis organically grown?
  • Has the oil been independently tested?


Let’s change the conversation

By far the biggest tragedy is that people who could really benefit from CBD products aren’t given the opportunity to explore these incredible benefits with use from a high quality product. They are sold either a poor quality product or a product not suitable to their condition and unique physiology.

We need to change the conversation.

Firstly, getting access to CBD medically can be a simple process. It’s becoming far easier and cheaper. People (including GPs) need to be made aware that this is not a ‘drug that will get you stoned and unproductive in society’.

Secondly, quality CBD oil is safe and does not get you high. It has little to no side effects. The fact that there is such a stigma and confusion around CBD is what ultimately encourages people to buy poor quality products rather than quality ones.


This is not medical or legal advice. We advise against buying CBD oil through any option outside a legal medical pathway for quality, safety and legal reasons.



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A retired journalist and marketing professional; Brad founded Hinterland co with business partner and mate Erin. Brad is cannabis obsessed. Get in touch on the hintergram @hinterlandcobyron.


Writer slash founder, Hinterland co.

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