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Canabella is a natural, botanical skincare company. They make incredible skincare products, free from the shitty five-syllable substances you’d find lurking in the depths of most ‘organic’ skincare ingredient lists. The products are made from Australian grown hemp seed extract, along with a range of other natural, botanical compounds.

We’ve been lucky enough to catch up with the founder of Canabella, Matt, a few times now. An epic story to say the least.

The Canabella story

Matt’s journey with cannabis began over a decade ago. Like many chasing a healthier life, Matt took up a raw vegan, health food diet and stumbled upon cannabis oil.

During this time, Matt decided that this type of diet and lifestyle would be profoundly beneficial for anyone battling disease or illness.

Fast forward ten years, Matt found himself with the unfortunate news that his mother had been diagnosed with cancer. After weeks of misdiagnosis, Matt began research into the cannabis plant and different compounds.

He found online communities who were using the plant to help treat the same condition his mum was suffering with.

It’s important to note that a lot has happened in the last few years. During this time, cannabis was only being legally prescribed to a small number of palliative care patients.

Matt was introduced to mutual friends and green market communities where he was able to access cannabis medicine for his mum. From the first drop, there was a noticeable difference. Increased appetite and reduction in synthetic painkillers soon followed.

After 12 weeks, his mum’s cancer was in remission.

Matt’s mum was lucky to not suffer from too many of the adverse chemotherapy side effects with the exception of dry lips and dry skin.

He helped his mum adopt a mostly raw vegan diet.

This is where stuff gets interesting.

Matt began melting down his mum’s skincare products and mixing them with cannabis oil. He was at this point disturbed to find how bad the ingredients of the skincare were.

He decided to start further educating himself, taking courses and learning how to make skincare from scratch, purely from a personal interest and education perspective to help his mum.

His mum still uses these products to this day.

He began sharing the home-made skincare with others who were suffering from various diseases and the products were having great results.

A friend soon commented on the radiance of his own skin, asking to buy some of his products.

Cannabella was born.

The dark side of Australian skincare

Australian labelling for skincare is poorly regulated. So long as ingredients are ‘mostly’ certified organic, you can get away with selling ‘organic skincare’. Poor regulation paired with big marketing budgets, you can imagine what most Australians are rubbing into their skin on a daily basis.

Skincare in Australia is a dirty, chemical-ridden industry. If you turn to the back of many ‘clean’ and ‘organic’ skincare products, you’ll find a list of hardly recognisable multi-syllable ingredients.

Stuff you certainly wouldn’t eat. So why do people rub it on their skin?

So why cannabella?

“CANNABELLA’s key ingredient is unfiltered HEMP oil for its high chlorophyll content, compared to regular processed hemp oil. High-quality unfiltered HEMP oil is higher in Omega-3, 6 and 9, its non-comedogenic, it encourages skin to repair and heal naturally.”

For more information about Canabella and their product range, please checkout their website (www.cannabella.com.au) and give them a follow on the gram (www.instagram.com/cannabella_au).

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