The Best CBD Bath Bombs in Australia


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Oct, 2022

I need to come clean; I usually find baths pretty boring. I prefer the efficiency of a shower over languishing in lukewarm water and ending up like a prune.

That was until I tried a CBD bath bomb. These luxurious and therapeutic balls of goodness elevate bath time to the next level while hydrating skin and promoting relaxation.

Many people consume CBD orally. However, growing research suggests that topical or transdermal CBD application may be effective for various conditions, such as joint pain, skin conditions, and muscle soreness.

How did CBD go from a sublingual tincture into a bathtime product? And should you add it to your self-care routine?

This overview explains what benefits a CBD bath bomb can really deliver and reviews some of the best bombs I’ve tried in Australia.

What is a CBD bath bomb?

CBD bath bombs are palm-sized spheres made from a range of essential oils, natural botanicals, clay, Epsom salts and fizzing agents such as citric acid and sodium bicarbonate.

When they hit the water, these effervescent balls release the soothing ingredients into the bathwater, which are then absorbed into the skin.

Bath bombs promote relaxation, nourish the skin, and add a layer of luxury to bathtime.

CBD is well known for its stress-relieving properties and ability to improve various skin conditions, so it makes complete sense to combine CBD into a bath bomb to amplify the effects.

How do CBD bath bombs work?

Hot bath water opens pores and dilates blood vessels, allowing CBD and other botanicals and ingredients to be easily absorbed by the skin and enter the body.

Once CBD is absorbed into the body, it acts on our endocannabinoid system to help regulate a number of bodily functions.

9 green bath bombs with a cbd leaf on one of them

Benefits of using a CBD bath bomb

While there are no official studies specifically on the effects of CBD bath bombs, a growing number of studies show encouraging results for transdermal or topical CBD applications to treat skin and localised pain conditions.

Let’s explore what the research says.

CBD bath bombs for inflammation and pain

Cannabinoids such as CBD and cannabinoid receptors have been studied as potential targets for reducing pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

A 2015 study concluded that transdermal CBD application effectively reduced arthritis pain and inflammation and had a long-lasting effect without any noted adverse reactions [1].

CBD bath bombs for skin conditions

CBD’s reported anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties may help relieve numerous skin conditions when applied topically.

CBD also has an impressive ability to hydrate and repair the skin through the activation of the cutaneous endocannabinoid system.

In simple terms, we have cannabinoid receptors located within our skin. When applied topically, CBD can regulate the proper functioning of the skin’s barrier, which in turn helps to increase hydration [2].

This is excellent news for those suffering from inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, where dehydrated skin is a typical symptom.

CBD bath bombs for reducing stress and anxiety

While most consider sublingual CBD administration the gold standard for treating anxiety symptoms, new studies suggest that transdermal application may also alleviate anxiety and promote muscle relaxation.

On a side note, while it’s nice to use CBD for ourselves, many people are also looking for their pets. We’ve recently started reviewing some CBD products for pets, including CBD dog treats.

Now you and fido can spend a chill night in together.

CBD bath bomb reviews

girl's hand with cbd bath bomb on while soapy water in background

Now you know more about how CBD can enhance your next bubble bath, but which products are worth using?

The Herbal Child C Bombs

A punny name and a fantastic product, what’s not to love about this situation?

These hand-crafted bath bombs contain 80mg of CBD derived from organically grown Australian hemp.

The Herbal Child focuses on sustainability and low environmental impact and utilises home-grown and locally sourced ingredients that are safe for us and the planet.

You’ve got a tough decision to make, though. Do you want to luxuriate in lemon eucalyptus-scented water or pretend you’re on a tropical holiday surrounded by the smell of coconut? It’s a tough one.

The c-bombs are reasonably priced at $15 each and are a great way to enhance relaxation.

Lilium Love Om Bomb

This little ball of love was found at a local shop in Northern NSW. Generally, finding CBD in Mullumbimby (my hometown) is not easy, so I was delighted to come across this product.

The Om Bomb is crafted using Australian pink clay, high-grade hemp extract and scented with a range of natural essential oils such as frankincense and clary sage.

This bath bomb is not only designed to enhance relaxation and connection to self but, thanks to the clay, is great for detoxification.

When the Om Bomb is submerged, it creates inviting rose-pink bath waters that work to hydrate the skin and make you feel as though you’ve been coated in a layer of soft silk.

The Om Bomb is a little more expensive at $28, but if you’re looking for a gift or a way to treat yourself, this is well worth the cash.

I also found I could easily split this bomb in half, so it lasted for two baths.

Have you tried a CBD bath bomb before? Let us know your experience in the comments.

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1. D.C. Hammell et al., "Transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviours in a rat model of arthritis".
2. Tamás Bíró et al., "The endocannabinoid system of the skin in health and disease: novel perspectives and therapeutic opportunities".


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