CBD Bath Salts: The Benefits & DIY Recipe

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No, this article does not discuss synthetic cathinone, an illegal drug known as “bath salts.” This article is not about infusing CBD with a hard drug that wrecks your teeth and causes you to bite people.

This article looks at CBD-infused Epsom salt bath products. We’ll also show you how to make CBD bath salts with a CBD bath salt recipe. We’ll also briefly discuss CBD bath salt benefits and how you can find some in Australia.

But first, what is the difference between bath bombs and bath salts?

Bath Bombs vs. Bath Salts

Bath bombs are loaded with psychedelic colours and fizz up when you dissolve them in your bathtub. Many get made with artificial colours and fragrances, synthetic dyes, and even fillers like corn starch.

When you drop a bath bomb in water, baking soda and citric acid are activated, creating a chemical reaction that emits carbon dioxide.

Bath bombs can stain your tub and towels. A bath bomb can cause a reaction or irritation if you have sensitive skin.

Bath salts, on the other hand, are far superior.

Good quality bath salts contain all-natural ingredients like Epsom salts and Himalayan pink salts. Salts treat aches and pains and can soothe sore muscles.

Bath bombs are fun, fizzy ways to treat yourself to something nice. Bath salts have real therapeutic value.

CBD Bath Salts Benefits

We won’t rehash what you already know: our skin is covered in cannabinoid receptors. CBD, or cannabidiol, interacts with these receptors.[1]

CBD is a well-established anti-inflammatory and works great for relieving pain and migraines.[2]

Are you looking to add additional therapeutic value to your bath? CBD salt is a no-brainer.

Choosing the Best CBD Bath Salts

What CBD Epsom salt bath is the best? Are you looking to try CBD bath salts for pain? Or as a way of treating a skin condition?

Whatever your reasons for looking into CBD-infused Epsom salt bath products, we’ve compiled this checklist to help you make the right decision.

CBD Bath Salt Product Checklist

Some of these items may or may not be important to you. So feel free to make your checklist for picking the best Epsom salt CBD.

  • Has a reputable third party tested the product?
  • Has the company disclosed their source of CBD?
  • Is the product full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or a CBD isolate?
  • Does the company have any certifications?
  • What is the manufacturing process? Is the CBD extracted using a C02 method, or were solvents used?
  • Are the customers’ reviews positive?
  • Has the company won any awards for its products or customer service?
  • What is the CBD potency?
  • What are the ingredients besides Epsom salt and CBD?
  • Does the product contain CBDa, or has the cannabinoid been activated to CBD?
  • What is the price of the product?
  • Is the company making unsupported health claims?
  • Is the company adequately regulated, or is it a product of the “green” market?

CBD Bath Salt Reviews

With the above criteria in mind, here are three different products we feel comfortable with.

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts

A broad-spectrum product, you get 240 milligrams of CBD per 454ml. A vegan-friendly product, it contains only CBD, Epsom salts, and arnica. This product is free of any synthetic dyes, fragrances, or other harmful ingredients.

Empower Bodycare CBD Luxury Soaking Salts

The downside to this product is that it uses CBD isolate, so you won’t get the benefits of the entourage effect. That said, if you’re worried about your skin’s reaction to terpenes and flavonoids, you may want to begin with an isolate product.

This product contains 250 milligrams of CBD for 454ml. An LGBTQ+ woman-owned company, they use certified organic hemp from East Fork Cultivars. This product includes Epsom salts, Dead Sea salts, and pink Himalayan salts. They also contain essential oils like lavender and bergamot.

cbdMD Bath Salts

This product contains 100 milligrams of CBD in a 113ml jar. A broad-spectrum product, this company highlights other cannabinoids like CBC and CBN that you’ll benefit from alongside CBD.[3]

Using Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts, and Himalayan salts, you can choose two different scents: eucalyptus or lavender.

Getting CBD-Infused Bath Salts in Australia

A map of Australia with a red pin stuck in the middle

The above products are all American, so it can be a little tricky getting them in Australia. But it’s not impossible.

You can always try using a freight forwarding company. This is where you use a third party to get a temporary American address to which the company ships the product. The freight forwarding company then sends the product to your home.

Of course, importing CBD bath salts from abroad is illegal, so we can’t really recommend this approach.

Your other options are to go through the Therapeutic Goods Administration system. You can do this by visiting a cannabis clinic and getting a prescription for medical cannabis.

You can also try the black or “green” market. Australians are already buying high-quality products from this market. If you try this route, you may find commercially-produced bath salts from other countries.

But what if you’ve acquired some legal CBD oil and want to do it yourself? Are DIY CBD bath salts possible?

How To Make CBD Bath Salts

Bath salts are relatively straightforward. They consist of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate).

Most people add essential oils or moisturisers like coconut oil or shea butter. But when it comes to DIY CBD bath salts, the option is yours.

A CBD bath salts recipe is quick and easy. Here’s a step-by-step process.

  1. Mix your salts in a medium-sized bowl
  2. Mix in baking soda and essential oils
  3. Add as many drops of CBD oil as you deem fit. Five drops are probably plenty, but your preferences may differ.
  4. Bake the mixture. You don’t have to do this part, but it helps to dry out the salts. Just be sure to bake at a low temperature (for example, 93 C) and only for fifteen to thirty minutes, stirring the mixture every five minutes.

In Summary

Bath salts, in general, have plenty of therapeutic benefits,[4] so it’s little wonder that adding CBD kicks the relaxation into high gear.

If baths really aren’t your jam, another great way to add CBD into your wellness routine is by consuming a healthy CBD drink. We’ve even explored whether you can mix CBD with not-so-healthy alcoholic drinks as well, the findings might surprise you.

We hope you’ve learned some basics about CBD-infused Epsom salt baths and what to look for in a company selling CBD bath salts.

We’d be cautious about importing foreign products into Australia, especially when the DIY alternative is more effortless.

But that said, there’s nothing wrong with supporting the local green market if you don’t have the time to make CBD bath salts from scratch.

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