Where Can I Find CBD Chews in Australia?

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What the heck is a CBD chew? Is that like a CBD toy for dogs?

Actually, it’s a type of CBD lolly, kind of like a gummy. Finding CBD chews in Australia is not impossible, although it can be difficult. So let’s get right into it.

What Are CBD Chews?

CBD Chews are bite-sized chewy candy. They make CBD easy to dose and come in different flavours, so you don’t have to taste any cannabis.

CBD chews are portable and discreet. You can conceal them in a purse or a pocket and take them out to consume whenever you need them.

CBD chews are probably the most convenient forms of CBD out there. If you suffer from anxiety or inflammation, popping these suckers throughout your day is an excellent way to get in your daily phytocannabinoids.

Of course, when choosing CBD chews, we recommend you look for full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products.

While CBD isolates will still provide relief, full or broad-spectrum products incorporate other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids essential to making CBD work effectively.[1]

CBD Chews in Australia

Where can you get CBD chews in Australia?

CBD chews aren’t listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.[2] So you won’t find them at a pharmacy.

If you want CBD chews in Australia, you’ll either have to make your own or go through the green market.

But what about this green market? How do you know you can trust it for CBD chews in Australia?

What to Look for with CBD Chews in Australia

Not all CBD chews are created equal. And your specific needs will determine what CBD chews work best for you.

When choosing CBD chews from the green market in Australia, you might want to check out a company’s third-party testing certifications. As well, make sure they disclose their source of hemp or cannabis.

Also, consider the non-cannabinoid ingredients.

Depending on your metabolic health, it might be best to look for a sugar-free CBD chew. Or one made with all-natural, organic ingredients.

If you’re eating CBD chews for anxiety and you don’t care about the sugar content, then have at it. Maybe the price is your bigger concern.

So are you looking for a CBD chew specifically geared toward anxiety? Or do you want CBD chews to help you sleep?

Studies show CBD is good for anxiety and sleep.[3] But you know all that. You know why you want CBD chews. The question is what CBD chews.

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CBD Chews Product Reviews

You’ve got plenty of options for CBD chews. Here, we’ve selected our top three picks.
You’re more likely to find them on the Australian green market than some of their competitors.

American authorities regulate these high-quality products. So if you happen upon them in Australia, you can rest assured they’re safe to consume.

Cheeba Chews CBD

Cheeba Chews CBD is the best-known edible brand in the USA. They offer a wide variety of products, including CBD chews balanced with THC.

Their dosages are consistent from batch to batch, which is ideal for an edible company. Is there anything worse than inconsistent potency levels of the same product from the same company?

You won’t get that with CBD Cheeba Chews. They have a “Quad Dose” for regular consumers and a “Deca Dose” for experienced connoisseurs.

As mentioned, they have a wide range of products available, whether you want a CBD-only chew or one with low or high amounts of THC.

They also have strain-specific chews, so whether you’re a fan of sativas or indicas, they’ve got something for you.

At 25mg of CBD per chew, Cheeba Chews offer a variety of flavours, including chocolate taffy, strawberry, caramel, sour apple, and orange cream taffy.

Their packaging divides the chews into a tray to make them easy to transport and consume.

Some downsides include tiny solids in the chew that can turn some off. As well, customers report the chews having a lingering aftertaste.

Cheeba Chews CBD are not vegan-friendly. Their products contain glucose syrup and other products you might not want, like palm oil or soy lecithin. Some flavours contain dairy.


A Colorado-based company, FAB CBD Chews is full-spectrum and organic. If Cheeba Chews sounded a little too unhealthy to you, that’s where FAB comes in.

All their products are GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and sourced from cannabis that’s pesticide free. They also sweeten their chews with organic cane sugar.

While they have laboratory certificates of analysis, and you can view them online, they’re not batch-specific.

So the product you take home may not match the lab report, which can be an issue for patients who need accurate information.

Nevertheless, they have excellent customer service and two types of CBD chews, an “Anytime” product and a “Nighttime” product.

The Anytime chews are broad-spectrum, so you’ll get the goodness of terpenes and flavonoids without the intoxicating feel of THC.

Their Nighttime chews are also broad-spectrum but with GABA and melatonin added to help you sleep.

Both products are fruit flavoured and without artificial colours and preservatives.

Cornbread Hemp Organic Berry CBD Chews

If you’re looking for a full-spectrum CBD chew, look no further. Cornbread Hemp Organic Berry CBD Chews offer 50 mg of CBD per chew with only 2 mg of THC.

Cornbread Hemp extracts CBD from only the cannabis flower, forgoing any stem, stalks or leaves. Their certificates of analysis are available online and are batch-specific.

They also offer a lower-dose CBD chew at 10mg.

Their products are organic and vegan-friendly. Made without gelatin, corn syrup or artificial colours, customer reviews say these chews taste like jam.

They use apple pectin to hold everything together. However, some reviewers complain that this makes them sticky.

You’re probably best to store these ones in the fridge or freeze them if you’re unsure how quickly you’ll get through them.

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CBD Chews: Fun Bite-Sized Snacks

We know topical CBD is great for skin concerns, and oral CBD oil is great for many conditions, so let’s sum up what we learned about CBD chews in Australia.

  • You either have to make or own or purchase from the green market
  • The green market consists of high-quality products regulated by their countries of origin
  • There is a large variety of CBD chews, differing in flavour, cannabinoid content, and ingredients

However you decide, CBD chews are fun, quick, easy ways to get your CBD supplementation. Eat them on the go or save them as a snack for later.

Perhaps you’re trying to cut out sugar, though? CBD Water might be more your style.

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