CBD Coffee: A Review Of The Health Benefits


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Aug, 2022

Australian coffee culture has been perfected to a fine art, but what if there was a way to elevate your coffee even higher? Perhaps a drop of CBD could do the trick.

Taking CBD with coffee may seem like a contradictory combination. After all, most people think of CBD as having a relaxing effect, while coffee is energising.

But using coffee and CBD synergistically can offer mood-boosting benefits while taking the edge off some of the negative side effects, such as the dreaded coffee jitters.

Sit back, relax and grab a CBD coffee as we explore the benefits of this unique combo.

What Is CBD Coffee?

Coffee cups with scattered coffee beans and hemp leaves

While you can simply add CBD to your regular cup of coffee, you can also find specialised CBD coffee brands to make things even easier.

While coffee has many health benefits, it can also raise your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for stress, which is why caffeine can put you on edge.

A few drops of CBD oil can counteract that with its own cortisol-reducing effects, and other relaxing qualities. [1]

The best CBD-infused coffee can give you the ideal balance that gives you energy without the jitters.

CBD Coffee: A Review Of The Health Benefits

CBD Coffee Is A Mood Booster

Both CBD and coffee interact with serotonin in your body in their own ways. Serotonin plays a major role in your mood and sense of energy throughout the day.

CBD does not directly raise your serotonin production, but it may interact with receptors that respond to serotonin in your system, possibly enhancing its effects.

The interaction between full-spectrum CBD and these receptors might have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety qualities. [2]

On the other hand, coffee directly increases serotonin levels and makes serotonin receptors more sensitive.

CBD Coffee Can Enhance Your Concentration and Clarity

Coffee can help us concentrate and stay alert. However, too much caffeine can make you anxious and unable to focus.

So far, the available information on CBD coffee is largely anecdotal. However, most people’s experiences seem to be positive.

The most commonly reported effects include a clearer mind and better concentration without the usual caffeine jitters. The relaxing effects of CBD can help reduce your anxiety and tendency to get distracted. [3]

As a result, you can enjoy the extra alertness of caffeine while being able to keep your attention focused on the task at hand.

CBD Coffee Can Increase Your Brain Function

A woman puts CBD oil drops into her coffee

CBD coffee may be able to improve and protect your brain function.

Mental alertness is influenced by several neurotransmitters. One of these is adenosine.

Adenosine builds up throughout the day, slowing down the speed at which neurons transmit messages in the brain. This is how your brain slows down so you can sleep at the end of the day.

Caffeine blocks the effects of adenosine, keeping you awake and alert for longer.

CBD is known to boost the efficiency of the adenosine receptors, letting you enjoy the increased alertness of caffeine without the reduced ability to sleep at the end of the day. [4]

Good sleep is vital to your brain health as well as your alertness the next day, and many people suffer from poor sleep when they rely on coffee alone for energy.

Early studies have also found that CBD may increase connections between brain cells, lower inflammation in the brain, and reduce oxidation.

The Best CBD Infused Coffee Sold Worldwide

Are you looking for great CBD coffee? Use these CBD coffee reviews to find your perfect brew.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co

buddha beans coffee pack

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. offers CBD coffee made from only organic, non-GMO hemp and ethically sourced coffee beans.

If you’re unsure of your preferences or just enjoy a bit of variety in your morning brew, you can buy a sample pack to get a wider range of flavours in one go, giving you three highly popular coffee beans to try them all.

Each blend is available in both dark or medium roast and provides 12.5 mg of CBD per cup.

The three coffee flight contains coffee from 3 different origins:

  • Colombia – Rich and smooth, with sweet highlights of white chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut.
  • Mexico – Heady dark chocolate, creamy hazelnut, and subtle notes of citrus.
  • Ethiopia – A light but complex blend combining hints of caramel, green tea, jasmine, and lemon.

Strava Craft Coffee

strava coffee pack with cup

Strava Craft Coffee is the perfect choice for a dose of CBD that doesn’t sacrifice the taste or quality of your coffee. This medium roast uses Arabica beans harvested and roasted in small batches in Colombia. The flavour combines rich milk chocolate with black cherry.

The coffee is infused with a broad-spectrum hemp extract, with 250 mg of CBD per bag, or about 10 mg of CBD per cup.

Willie’s Remedy

willie's remedy coffee pack with cup full of coffee beans

Willie’s Remedy is a premium dark roast CBD coffee.

The coffee is a blend of ethically sourced Nicaraguan and Colombian coffee beans, fairly traded via local co-ops. The end result is a rich coffee flavour combining hints of dark chocolate and black cherry to create a smooth and sweet aftertaste.

Each coffee bag contains 250 mg of CBD or around 15 mg per cup.

Green Roads CBD Coffee

green roads cbd coffee packs

Green Roads CBD Coffee offers a subtle balance of flavours, between the sweet vanilla, earthy CBD oil and bittersweet coffee tastes.

Green Roads sources the best hemp for each batch, resulting in a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile in every bag of coffee. Green Roads Coffee offers 22 mg of CBD per cup, which is a relatively high dose compared to other CBD coffee brands.

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Coffee

pinnacle cbd coffee pack

Full-spectrum CBD coffee offers the full entourage effects of the many cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in both cannabidiol and coffee beans.

Each bag of Pinnacle Hemp’s CBD coffee offers a medium roast blend of Arabica coffee beans with characteristic caramel and nutty flavours. Each bag of coffee is infused with 160 mg of CBD, or about 10 mg of CBD per cup.

How To Make CBD Infused Coffee?

There are a lot of crazy ways people are consuming CBD, such as jelly beans that contain CBD.

But in our opinion buying CBD coffee is a great way to get your CBD and offers a range of positive benefits.

However, you don’t need to buy a specialist blend to enjoy CBD-infused coffee.

All you need to do to make your own CBD coffee is make a simple black coffee according to your preferences and add a few drops of CBD before adding milk. If coffee just isn’t for you, you can check out other CBD drinks here.

If you are new to taking CBD, stick to the minimal dosage advised by your doctor or the product packaging.

How do you make your cup of CBD coffee? Let us know in the comments below!

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