CBD Equilibria Review: Pros and Cons

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Nov, 2022

Have you heard about Equilibria CBD? A company by women for women?

Research suggests women have a higher risk of pain disorders like migraines, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. [1]

Women deal with a lot!

That’s where CBD comes in. An all-natural remedy for when you’re anxious, unable to sleep or dealing with cramps, pains, or migraines.[2]

Studies suggest sex differences play a role in our endocannabinoid system.[3] So it makes sense a company would step in with CBD geared toward women.

How positive are the Equilibria CBD reviews? Are there any Equilibria CBD oil side effects women should be aware of?

Read on for our Equilibria CBD review of the company and its products.

Equilibria CBD Review

Equilibria CBD is a luxury brand with various CBD products catered toward women. Research suggests that the male and female endocannabinoid systems express themselves differently.

So, let’s explore some pros and cons of Equilibria CBD.


Equilibria has a variety of luxury CBD products to choose from. Items such as rollers, drops, and creams.

Their source is organic full-spectrum hemp, so you receive the benefits of the entourage effect.

Their plant genetics are also proprietary. This means they own the hemp strain, so you’re guaranteed consistency from product to product.

Equilibria CBD also has a starter package for new customers and a “dosage specialist” to help determine what works for you.

They have Certificates of Analysis available for every product, which are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free and organic.

For the cash-strapped consumer, you can find bundling discounts on bulk purchases, with some savings of up to 25%.


Equilibria CBD is a luxury brand for women, even with their discounts. You might want to explore other CBD options if you’re on a budget.

Each product also comes in a single dose size, which is fine for the average CBD user, but someone requiring higher dosages will find their single-serving size frustrating.

Unfortunately, Equilibria CBD does not provide refunds or exchange options. There are also no discreet shipping options.

Their single-sourced hemp can also be negative if the growers aren’t continuously innovating. While the science is still in its infancy, research suggests regular use of a particular strain makes the cannabinoids less potent over time. [4]

Equilibria CBD oil side effects aren’t easy to find on their website. While CBD is typically safe to use, it can interact negatively with other medications you may be on.

You can find these safety concerns and other questions answered in their FAQ. But it’s toward the bottom of the web page and only after several clicks away from the product page.

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Product Reviews

Equilibria CBD offers a variety of luxury products for women. Let’s explore some of them.

Equilibria CBD Relief Cream

Equilibria CBD Relief Balm (formerly called Equilibria CBD Relief Cream) is a multi-use cream perfect for targeting sore joints, cramps, and aches.

At 500mg CBD per 28 millilitres, this fast-acting cream uses only six all-natural ingredients to provide you with a sense of relief.

Equilibria CBD Roller

At 750mg of CBD per 57 millilitres, this roller is perfect for women on the go wanting to keep their hands free of cream. It’s as easy as rolling the product onto your sore parts and repeating as necessary.

It’s a non-greasy, paraben-free gel formula with 2.5% menthol for a soothing, icy effect.

Equilibria CBD Drops

Equilibria’s CBD drink drops are a unique and fun way to get your CBD supplementation.

Equilibria has three CBD drink drop flavours: Orchard Berry, a stone fruit medley. Sunrise Citrus, which is a grapefruit lime flavour. And White Peace, which is a pink cherry flavour.

Each package contains 5mg of CBD per serving, with 100mg per bottle.

Equilibria CBD Oil

You can’t go wrong with the basics. If the other products sound too niche for you, Equilibria CBD oil drops are the way to go.

With 10mg per 1-millilitre dropper, you’ll get Colorado-grown, activated full-spectrum hemp flower on your tongue.

Are you worried about the taste? Equilibria’s CBD oil has a mint flavouring to disguise the natural, earthy flavour of CBD.

Equilibria Women Know Their CBD

There are a lot of weird and wonderful CBD products emerging, such as CBD Emu Oil (What the?), but Equilibria is a company by women for women, selling high-end CBD products.

With various luxury products to choose from, your CBD options have never been greater. You can roll it on, soak it, eat it, drink it, or drop it on your tongue like a vitamin supplement.

Equilibria’s hemp is a proprietary-strain, organic, and hand-harvested. Their products are full-spectrum and preserve the beneficial cannabinoid compounds your body needs.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of dose varieties. And their prices aren’t exactly catered to low-income women. However, they do offer quite a few discounts for bundle purchases.

Being based in America also limits their reach into the Australian medical cannabis market, and you’ll not likely find these CBD products in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or any other Aussie city. Yet!

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