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Jul, 2022

Traditional edible treats like cookies and gummies are a delectable way to consume CBD. However, in recent years the popularity of CBD jelly beans has grown across the globe.

After all, they offer a fun and tasty alternative to more traditional consumption methods such as CBD oils or tinctures and usually come in a large variety of flavours.

In Australia, though, CBD jelly beans may not be as easy to access as other edibles.

Read on as we explore everything you need to know about CBD jelly beans in Australia.

Are CBD Jelly Beans Legal In Australia?

Even though low-dose CBD has been approved for over-the-counter sales in pharmacies, we are still a long way from seeing some of the CBD snack innovation that is happening in other more established markets, this includes CBD jelly beans.

In fact, there are no CBD gummies or jelly beans at all which have been approved for sale even with a prescription.

As a result, Australians looking for CBD jelly beans may turn to online shops instead.

However, this is illegal, even if you are buying from a legitimate website that legally sells its products in other countries. It is not legal to buy any CBD product from overseas and ship them to an Australian address.

To learn more about accessing CBD in Australia, click here.

Where To Buy CBD Jelly Beans In Australia?

CBD jelly beans are hard to find in Australia. While you can find plenty of CBD edibles and gummies in dispensaries and online stores, jelly beans are less common.

As a result, some people bypass the legal options to buy their CBD online from overseas sellers.

There are online CBD suppliers in Europe and the US that ship to Australia. However, importing CBD products is not legal and can result in hefty fines and other legal repercussions, on top of your goods being seized.

Why Choose CBD Jelly Beans?

There are many options for taking CBD, each with its own benefits. The best way to consume CBD depends on your preferences, but these are a few reasons gummies and jelly beans are so popular:

  • CBD jelly beans have a consistent dosage, with no room for mistakes like when you use an oil dropper.
  • Chewable jelly beans are a lot easier and more enjoyable to eat than swallowing a capsule or taking sublingual drops. This makes them great for people who don’t like the earthy taste of CBD oil.
  • CBD jelly beans are easy to carry around with you and take discreetly, wherever you are. In contrast, smoking and vaping require you to head outside to a designated smoking area, and oil drops can be inconvenient to measure and use on the move.
  • Edibles like CBD jelly beans have a long-lasting effect on your system and can last for hours, depending on your dosage. [1]

While there may appear to be some benefits to eating tasty edibles like CBD jelly beans, it’s important to remember that you’re still consuming a therapeutic compound, and it may cause drug interactions by inhibiting the CYP3A4 enzyme.

The Best Gummies and CBD Jelly Beans For Sale Worldwide

While we can expect to see a more diverse range of CBD jelly beans available for sale in the future, for now, there aren’t many on the market.

In fact, there are only two. One of which has been pioneered by the founder of the well-known brand Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.

If anyone is going to make CBD jelly beans, it may as well be this jelly bean connoisseur.

cbd jelly beans on a big wooden piece

Spectrum Confections CBD Jelly Beans

Spectrum Confections CBD jelly beans were created by the original founder of confectionary giant Jelly Belly, David Klein. [2]

As a result, it is no surprise that Spectrum Confections has created 38 delicious and unique flavours that stand out for their taste among other CBD edible products.

In addition to the original mix, the company also offers sugar-free and sour variants, though the sugar-free option has a limited range of flavours.

Each jelly bean contains 10 mg of CBD. Spectrum Confections is an isolated CBD extract with only trace amounts of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

As a result, while these jelly beans pack a lot of flavour into each bean, they provide a lower dosage than many other CBD edibles.

Spectrum Confections Resellers

Spectrum Confections is one of the only companies producing CBD-only jelly beans at the moment. However, other brands are buying their products wholesale and reselling them as a way to offer more choice.

For example, some companies pick specific flavours out of the total of 38 assorted flavours, letting consumers pick only the ones they want.

BudderWeeds: THC-Infused CBD Jelly Beans

BudderWeeds mainly produces edibles that contain THC as well as CBD. However, they are also planning to bring full-spectrum CBD jelly beans into their selection of edibles.

BudderWeeds CBD jelly bean flavours will include:

  • Mango
  • Spicy licorice
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Cinnamon
  • Toasted marshmallow
  • Piña colada

BudderWeeds has not announced the full details of their upcoming CBD jelly beans yet, but it looks like they will also be using the Spectrum Confections formula as a base.

CBD Jelly Beans Are Tasty But Hard To Find

At the moment, Spectrum Confectionary is the only business making CBD jelly beans, so the options are pretty limited.

Other companies are already planning to join them in producing their own jelly beans, however.

If the limited offering doesn’t suit your tastes, consider other ways you may be able to consume CBD, such as making your own brownies, drinks or even CBD coffee.

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