CBD Jelly Mask: An Untapped Market

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It’s too bad there aren’t any natural, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compounds suitable for the skin. Wait. There is? And it’s CBD?

Yes, CBD is good for the skin, particularly in reducing acne.[1]

Consumers want natural products that enhance the skin. And CBD skincare products are becoming more popular.

You’d think this would make CBD popular in jelly masks, but only a few companies seem to be providing CBD-infused jelly masks.

So your options are limited if you’re looking at a CBD jelly mask, CBD jelly toner, or a CBD jelly anti-blemish body mask.

It could be that this market is just getting started. Jelly mask products have been around for a while. They’re designed to help hydrate and purify skin, leaving it soft and blemish-free.

So odds are, more CBD jelly masks will come to market as word spreads about CBD and skin care.

Until then, let’s examine what’s out there.

While CBD jelly masks aren’t available at your local pharmacy, you can likely find these high-quality products on the Australian “green” market.

CBD Jelly Mask Reviews

A CBD jelly mask will help balance your skin’s oil production. It’ll prevent flare-ups and breakouts.

After all, CBD is a natural antioxidant, and too much oxidative stress can make your skin break out in acne.[2][3]

Whether you’ve got dry, oily, aging, or damaged skin, there’s a CBD product out there for you.
So what are some of them? What are some of the best CBD jelly mask products on the market?

Actually, as far as we can tell, these are the only CBD jelly masks on the market.

Freeman Beauty Calm CBD Jelly Mask

Freeman Beauty’s Calm CBD Jelly Mask contains 50mg of hemp alongside essential oils designed to promote healthy, glowing skin.

They suggest applying a thin layer of the CBD jelly mask after your toner and leaving it on overnight. Freeman Beauty says this simple process can replace all your nighttime creams and oils.

Whether or not this turns out to be the case, we’ll let you decide.

Truly CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Body Mask

Truly has produced a blemish body cleanser worth the hemp it extracts it from.

This product aims to purify your skin of debris, dirt and excess oil. This cleanser includes salicylic acid to diminish acne and prevent future breakouts.

Use it on your back, chest, arms or butt. Truly CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Body Mask is designed to help eliminate blemishes wherever you have them.

Truly CBD Jelly Toner Solution

Truly dominates the CBD jelly mask commerce, and why not? It’s an untapped market.

This particular CBD jelly toner gently exfoliates to improve your skin’s texture while keeping it clean and preventing future breakouts.

In addition to CBD, this product comes with glycolic acid that removes dead skin and oil buildup.

With 100mg of CBD per 240 ML, this CBD jelly toner will tame inflammation and balance oil production, promoting healthy skin barriers.

Use it on an exfoliating cotton round and practically wipe away the blackheads.

A hand holding a small jar of white cream with a cannabis leaf slightly out of frame on the right

Do-It-Yourself CBD Jelly Mask

CBD jelly masks are hard enough to find as it is, let alone having to go through the green market.

So why not make your own? It’s super easy and fun. Making a CBD jelly mask requires these ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons of hemp powder
  • 1-2 teaspoons of CBD oil
  • 2 tablespoons of beef gelatin
  • 3 tablespoons of hot water

Mix for less than thirty seconds (not too long). Spread it on thick and leave for fifteen minutes. Then you know the rest: peel it off and rinse with cool water.

Once You Go CBD Jelly, You Don’t Go Back

Why even make a jelly mask if you’re not going to put CBD in it? That’s how we see it.

Anything that aids in exfoliation and creates clear, glowing skin should find its way into a jelly mask. We won’t be surprised to see more jelly mask companies add CBD to their products.

The real question is: what’s taking so long? And why aren’t more skincare companies taking notice?

Sure, you may be able to find other CBD face masks. But the CBD jelly mask market has barely been tapped.

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