CBD Oil Adelaide: How to Find Premium CBD Products


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Nov, 2022

Do you live down south in the Festival State and want to know how to buy CBD oil?

Many Australians are enjoying the health benefits associated with CBD consumption, from decreased anxiety, better sleep and fewer aches and pains.

However, the process for purchasing CBD oil is not always clear. Many doctors are still hesitant to even consider this medication for their patients; with so little patient support, it’s no wonder people feel as though they’re walking through a maze to find the information they need.

Luckily, we have all the answers to steer you in the right direction.

There are various options for buying CBD oil in Adelaide, this article will guide you through the process of accessing CBD with THC legally.

CBD oil Adelaide: Is it legal?

CBD oil and other medical cannabis products have been legal in South Australia since 2016 and are available by prescription from an Authorised Prescriber or a GP.

The TGA recently announced that low-dose CBD products have been down-scheduled to an over-the-counter product.  However, due to stringent TGA requirements, no products have been approved for sale. 

Hopefully, approved products will become available for sale by 2023.

In South Australia, any doctor can prescribe cannabis as a medicine for any patient with qualifying symptoms, generally a chronic condition that hasn’t improved with other treatments.

Further down the article, we recommend some cannabis clinicians and clinics in South Australia.

In April 2017, the Government of South Australia issued a patient access pathway to clarify access.

They declared that medicinal cannabis was legal if the cultivation, manufacturing, prescribing, and distribution followed all relevant Commonwealth and state laws. All other forms of cannabis remained illegal.

Despite the legislation mentioned above, many passionate cannabis advocates in and around Adelaide have gone against the rules to provide high-quality CBD oil to those who desperately need it.

Most recently, SA resident Jenny Hallam was spared conviction for providing medical cannabis products to terminally ill patients.

So, while the rules appear strict, there are people and businesses offering alternative access options to those who can’t afford to go through a doctor or whose doctor has dismissed their legitimate requests for cannabis.

Below, we’ll explain more about accessing CBD oil on the ‘green market’.

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Where can I buy CBD oil in Adelaide?

If you receive a prescription for CBD oil, you can then have the script filled at a pharmacy, or some online clinics work directly with pharmacies to supply patients’ medications through the post.

As we mentioned earlier, there are alternate access pathways via the green market. These online suppliers have identified a gap in the market for affordable, high-quality and easily accessible products.

A quick google search of ‘CBD oil in Adelaide’ will yield a heap of different results, so before you purchase organic CBD hemp oil in Australia, there are a few things to keep in know:

  • Reach out to the business, ask questions about their products, and ensure there is a real person behind the business who is knowledgeable and helpful. If you don’t get a response to your email, probably best to move on.
  • Research their products. Make sure the CBD oil is organic, full-spectrum, and has independent Certificate of Analysis lab reports to verify quality and strength.
  • If you want further guidance on reputable businesses, be sure to reach out to us or leave a comment below.

Doctors who can prescribe CBD oil in Adelaide

Any doctor or specialist can prescribe CBD oil. However, most, if not all, cannabis clinics employ doctors who are already Authorised Prescribers, meaning they do not require TGA approval for each medicinal marijuana prescription they write.

If your healthcare professional is not an Authorised Prescriber, they must still apply for a Special Access Scheme (SAS) Category B authorisation permit through the TGA.[1]

Authorised CBD Oil Prescribers in Adelaide, South Australia

Dr Joel Wren is an Authorised Prescriber who works at the online cannabis clinic Polln and Southcare Medical Services in Sheidow Park or Christie’s Beach. If you prefer a face-to-face consultation, consider booking into Southcare Medical Services.

Cannabis Clinics in Adelaide, South Australia

Recently, Adelaide’s first medical cannabis clinic open its doors to provide patients with access to plant medicine.

The IvyMed Clinic is located in Adelaide’s inner southern suburb of Pasadena and offers face-to-face appointments, unlike many other cannabis clinics.

Most cannabis clinics operate nationwide, and if you’re happy to have a telehealth appointment, you aren’t limited to options specifically in SA.

Here is a list of clinics that service SA:

  • IvyMed Clinics
  • PlantMed
  • Mode Healthcare
  • Ananda Clinics
  • CDA Clinics
  • Releaf
  • MedReleaf
  • Polln

Regardless of your state, you can access medical cannabis via an online clinic. So even if you’re all the way in QLD, you no longer need to wonder whether CBD oil is legal in Brisbane or any other city for that matter.

In Summary: CBD oil in Adelaide

In Adelaide, South Australia, CBD oil is legal to consume with a prescription. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a Scheduled prescription medication that can be prescribed by any GP, general practitioner, or Authorised Prescriber.

People with a health condition that has persisted for three months or more can easily access prescription products.

The choice to consider medicinal marijuana as a treatment method is made in consultation with a medical practitioner, allowing for consideration of the patient’s healthcare data as well as the safety of medicinal cannabis in the specific condition to be treated. 

However, given the high costs of going through the medical pathway, many people are seeking alternative access options. Finding a reputable business on the green market is another option many are exploring.

If you have further questions or want any other information, please don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a comment below.

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