Can you buy CBD oil in Mullumbimby?


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Oct, 2022

Mullumbimby, or Mullum as the locals call it, is the self-titled ‘Biggest Little Town’ in the Northern Rivers region of NSW and is home to folks from many different walks of life, including myself.

The town has a rich history dating back to the original owners of the land, the Bundjalung people.

As the story goes, by the 1970s, the area was home to the hippies, the free-thinkers, and the weed smokers, which fostered what the mainstream dubbed as counterculture.

I am lucky enough to call this beautiful town home and love living amongst the free-thinking, alternative-medicine-seeking community that resides here.

After eight long years, I’ve progressed from ‘blow-in’ status to permanent resident (still waiting on full Byron shire citizenship). So after all this time, it’s fair to say I know all too well what it’s like to try and buy CBD in Mullumbimby.

After returning from a holiday abroad and trying CBD for the first time, I returned home, longing for the soothing and calming effects the medicinal plant compound provides.

Sure, I could get weed, but I wanted hemp-derived CBD.

I searched high and low for the stuff. I desperately asked friends if they knew where to buy it. I even started asking in local shops.

Finding CBD oil in Australian shops was not an easy task.

Eventually, I met some people who were able to put me in touch with another person who suggested their neighbour’s friend.

It was a process, but now I can share everything I know about buying CBD oil in Mullumbimby.

Footpath in Mullumbimby with the Hemp Culture shop signage overhead.

So can you actually buy CBD oil in Mullumbimby?

Despite being cited as the birthplace of the mythical marijuana strain known as Mullumbimby Madness, you won’t find CBD flowing freely in the streets of Mullum.

Long gone are the days of the 1970s cannabis renaissance, where gigantic bushes grew amongst the hills of the neighbouring community, Main Arm.

Instead, residents now face heavy-handed police operations that involve landing Hollywood-style SWAT choppers to bust hardened criminals. Eye roll.

The yearly chopper flyovers are marked on many gardeners’ calendars.

“Early on, the species associated with ‘Mullumbimby Madness’ was considered superior quality. The bud was immensely popular and quickly became known as the best sativa strain in Australia. This strain has cemented its place in the heyday of cannabis history. The word ‘mull’, Australian slang for cannabis, keeps the memory and myth alive.”

While many locals may have that special ‘friend of a friend’ situation where they can grab some homemade goodies, it can still be difficult for visitors – and blow-ins – to buy CBD in Mullumbimby.

Although, if you have a keen eye and stroll down Stuart Street, you may spot a few flyers posted on walls that will lead you down the greeny-yellow brick road.

Of course, people are providing CBD products in Mullum, but they are not easily found online or in health food shops.

Give me the inside scoop, how do I buy CBD in Mullumbimby, then?

Research shows that CBD may improve the immune system, fight anxiety, reduce pain and help with a better night’s sleep. So it’s no wonder so many people are seeking out plant therapies.

Whether you’re new to town or just passing through and want to stock up on nature’s greatest medicine, here’s what you need to know about buying CBD in Mullum.

Cannabis Clinics

This might sound obvious, but we actually have a renowned cannabis clinician right here in the Byron Shire.

Dr Jamie Rickcord owns and runs Ananda Clinics, located a short 20-minute drive from Mullumbimby in the popular tourist town of Byron Bay.

Speaking with an Authorised Prescriber is an easy way to access medical cannabis products, although cost prohibitive for some people.

We recently interviewed Dr Rickcord. Here’s what he has to say about the benefits of cannabinoid medicine.

Green Market

Earlier I mentioned following the (literal) signs on the street to find people selling CBD oil.

While this is great if you’ve got the time and impetus to follow up, there are alternative options online that may be a bit easier to navigate.

Hemp Embassy

Looking a little further afield, say about 75km South-West give or take, you’ll find the infamous township of Nimbin.

Nimbin is the home of the annual MardiGrass festival, which is held to protest outdated drug laws, spread education and awareness about the many uses of cannabis, and celebrate the unique culture that has blossomed over the last 50 or so years.

It is also home to an industry institution known as the Hemp Embassy. They are a non-profit organisation established in 1992, providing a retail space for local hemp products, arts, crafts, and education.

They also sponsor the ‘peaceful protestival’ MardiGrass.

Finally, their focus on education is second to none, and they run regular workshops on medicinal cannabis featuring producers, doctors, patients and more. [1]

The Australian Cannabis University

The ACU is another not-for-profit, grassroots organisation providing access to healing products, education, and much more.

Founded by the ‘Dean of Green’ Dolph Cooke, the operation is supported by volunteers and workers with more specialised knowledge in plant medicine and horticulture.

While you can sign up to their website to access a range of educational courses and products, you can also visit their storefront in Murwillumbah, a 45-minute drive north.


Prefer the anonymity of online shopping? then there are definitely options available to you.

Before purchasing any old CBD oil, ensure that you do some research on the business and products first.

Reach out to the company to make sure there’s a real person behind the website. Ask questions about the products, request lab reports, and ensure you’re armed with as much information as possible.

The number of products on the green market is growing steadily, people now have access to anything from CBD oil to CBD bath bombs.

Go Green (Market) or Go Home

If you don’t want to phone a friend to buy CBD oil, then the best bet is to look into some of the options provided above.

We are big supporters of ethical businesses selling hemp-derived products that benefit people’s health and well-being. While many companies are out to make a quick buck and capitalise on the CBD craze, there are others offering outstanding products and services to those who genuinely need them.

Want more information about reputable online businesses? be sure to reach out in the comments below or drop us an email from the ‘contact us’ page on the website.

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Hemp Embassy.


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