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Sep, 2022

Are you looking for a CBD vape in Australia? Well, you’ve certainly found yourself in the right spot.

You may have heard, or even experienced, the amazing benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) oil and are now keen to try a CBD vape. Our definitive guide will cover everything you need to know, from CBD vape juice ingredients to vape pen styles, plus everything in between.



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Many years ago, during my former corporate life spruiking vino, I was in a meeting where a colleague described me as the type of person who would spend more based on how fancy a product looked. Unfortunately for me, he wasn’t that far off the mark.

So when I decided to try a CBD vape while holidaying in America, I, of course, decided to visit one of the most well-heeled vape shops in the biz.

Shopping at Dosist is like entering a gleaming bright white futuristic spaceship where the walls are lined with different vape products, and the Dosist Guides (AKA staff) provide a mini health consultation to point you to exactly the right product.

It was an amazing experience for a first-time vape shopper, especially as my knowledge was fairly limited at that point.

Perhaps it’s a glimpse into the future when Australia legalises recreational cannabis. One can only hope.

THC vape pen in Australia

Vaping CBD oil in Australia

With the growing popularity of CBD-based medicines in Australia, it’s no surprise that we’ve expanded the ways in which we can consume this phenomenal medicine.

Vaping CBD oil or CBD e liquid has become an increasingly popular option and can offer some amazing benefits over traditional consumption methods, such as smoking flower or consuming CBD oil.

CBD reaches peak concentrations within three minutes after consumption.

What is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD vape juice, also commonly referred to as CBD e liquid or CBD vape oil, all describe the same thing: fluid cannabis products designed to be vaporised and inhaled.

Vape juice is made with either CBD, THC or a combination of both, or entirely THC free. There are a lot of different options.

Different forms of medical cannabis have different effects and onset times. For example, when inhaling CBD vape liquid, the effects can be felt much faster due to the method of delivery. When vaping CBD oil, the effects can be felt within five minutes, and the absorption is increased to an estimated 60%.

CBD Vape Liquid Ingredients

Generally, the active components (CBD or THC) are combined with ingredients such as Vegetable Glycerin (VG) which provides vapour density and Propylene Glycol (PG), which is a thinning agent. While these are some of the most commonly used additives in vape juice, it doesn’t mean they are the best for your health.

Project CBD published a 2015 report authored by Dr Jahan Marcu, which exposed the potential hazards associated with inhaling heated PG; the research showed that when thinning agents such as PG are heated, it deteriorates into two carcinogenic compounds, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde [1].

The other ingredients to keep an eye out for are artificial flavouring agents utilised to mask the natural flavour profile of cannabis. Many CBD vapes come in a range of artificial flavours such as watermelon, lemon, blueberry etc.

If you’re using CBD vape juice in Australia, it’s vital to check the label or ingredients. Even better, have a conversation with your prescribing doctor. Finding products that are derived from organic cannabis can be very beneficial.

CBD hemp oil

Is CBD vape oil the same as oral CBD oil?

No. CBD oil consumed sublingually (under the tongue) is usually in a carrier oil such as MCT or coconut oil, and these oils can’t be vaporised. You can’t add this type of oil to a reusable cartridge.

What is a CBD Vape?

A vaporiser is a device that utilises a heating element to raise the temperature of the CBD e liquid to the point where it releases beneficial compounds in the form of steam.

Vapes contain four main components:

  • A battery or charging port if it’s rechargeable
  • The heating element, or atomiser
  • The cartridge
  • The mouthpiece, otherwise known as the drip tip

Vape Pen

You are probably familiar with the pen style of vape. It’s one of the most common devices available online. It either comes with a pre-filled cart (cartridge) or a refillable cart and is powered by a battery. They are small and discreet and are either activated by pressing a button or drawing on the mouthpiece. This style of vape pen offers a convenient and powerful method of administering medicinal cannabis in a controlled manner.

Tank Vape

Another option is a tank-style vape, a larger reusable device that holds more liquid than a pen and has a refillable cartridge. But it’s not quite as discreet as the pen style.

Desktop Vape

You can also purchase a stationary desktop or tabletop vaporiser, which essentially performs the same action as a vape pen but is much bulkier. This style of vape utilises either a balloon or hose for inhaling the vapour.


High-quality cartridges are often made with glass, ceramic or steel. Low-quality cartridges made from plastic have the propensity to leech chemicals into the CBD vape juice.


The atomiser contains a heating coil and wick that reaches the cartridge. The wick draws liquid from the cartridge, which is then heated by the coil and turns into vapour. The heating coil can sometimes degrade with use and will need to be replaced.

Drip Tip

The mouthpiece is where the magic happens. This is the part that you suck to draw the vapour into your mouth for inhalation.

CBD vape liquid in cart and vape pen

Does Vaping Get You Higher Than Smoking?

Firstly, it depends on what you are inhaling. If you’ve been prescribed a full spectrum CBD e liquid, then it likely only contains around 0.3% THC, so the chances of getting high are slim to none. However, if you have a THC dominant vape juice, then you’ll definitely feel the effects of THC.

A recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers has confirmed that vaping produces a more intense high for infrequent or first-time users when compared to smoking the same amount of flower [2].

“There’s a definite differences in the amount of drug making it into the blood when using a vaporizer versus smoking the drug, so considerations need to be made when dosing to ensure people are using cannabis safely,”

The study also showed that more THC entered the bloodstream through vaping than through smoking. THC averaged 7.5 nanograms per millilitre when vaped, compared with 3.8 nanograms per millilitre when smoked [3].

Despite a larger dosage of THC making it into the bloodstream, the metabolites were only detected in a drug test for a short time after consumption.

“The researchers note that they could only detect THC in the blood samples up to four hours after using, even though the participants reported the drug’s effects lasted five or six hours. The researchers say this suggests that blood testing isn’t an accurate way to tell if someone is high or perhaps driving under the influence.”

Smoking vs Vaping – Which is Better For You?

You will get the same effects from either smoking or vaping hemp or marijuana flower. However, evidence suggests that vaping is considered a better option. Smoking can lead to the inhalation of toxic compounds produced during the combustion of cannabis, adversely affecting respiratory and lung health [4].

Vaping CBD Oil vs Oral CBD Oil

One of the main benefits of vaping CBD oil is how fast the effects are felt due to the absorption method. It can be a quick and enjoyable way to get relief from a range of different conditions.

While the effects of vaping are felt more rapidly, they tend not to last as long when compared to taking CBD oil sublingually. The effects of vaping can last from 1-2 hours, whereas CBD oil effects can be felt for 2-4 hours, dosage-dependent, of course [5].

CBD oil vape vs oral

What Can Vaping CBD Oil Help With?

Similar to other forms of CBD, vaping can help to improve conditions such as:

  • Arthritis and chronic pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleep disorders
  • Seizure and muscle spasm disorders such as MS or epilepsy
  • Assists patients undergoing opioid addiction treatment

Anxiety is the number one reason patients have been prescribed dried herb [for vaping] in Australia, closely followed by chronic pain.

The information in this article isn’t intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease and illness. Speaking with your doctor is your best bet at accessing targeted medicinal CBD vape liquid.

Where to buy a CBD vape

Finding a CBD vape in Australia can be a bit of a tall ask given the current legalities, which we explore further below.

If you’re interested in accessing a CBD vape in Australia, speaking with an experienced cannabis doctor is the safest and easiest method, and not to mention the only legal option.

However, we understand that is not always feasible for everyone. We’ve researched a few different options for accessing CBD vapes. However, please ensure you do thorough research and read the legalities of importing CBD products into Australia in the section below.

Legal medical pathway

In Australia, the TGA has approved one type of cannabis medicine for vaping outside of dry herb vapourisation.

Cannatrek has a product called T55 Topaz Bubble Hash which is a cannabis concentrate comprising of trichomes (resin glands) that have been separated from the plant using a solvent-free ice-water and sieve extraction method.

The product is a THC-dominant medicine designed to reduce anxiety and pain and help with sleep disorders.

This medicine is administered via a vapouriser either on top of flower or through a concentrate atomizer using a compatible vapouriser.

International websites

A number of people in online forums and groups from Australia have been discussing Mixology UK’s CBD vape products. Some people have successfully imported products into Australia, while others were withheld by customs.

They have an extensive range of both CBD e liquid and also single-use CBD vape pens. Most, if not all, of the CBD vape liquids contain a combination of PG, VG and artificial flavours.

However, they do have a range of pre-filled, single-use vape pens. A few options do not contain PG or VG and are, therefore, a more pure product.

All of these products are either CBD isolate, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum and contain less than 0.3% THC.

Vape devices

If you want to purchase a vape device in Australia, you can visit sites such as Vape King, which has a huge online range.

As we mention below, purchasing a vape device in Australia is legal, as long as you’re over 18.

CBD Vape in Australia: Legal or Not?

In all Australian states and territories, vaporiser sales are legal if you’re over the age of 18 years. There are websites where you can look at and shop for new vape devices, and there’s usually a large menu of devices on any given site.

However, to obtain CBD e juice in Australia, you need a medical prescription.

While this is the only legal way of accessing a CBD vape product, you can search for green market suppliers online.

Of course, it is illegal and risky to buy CBD e juice, even if it’s THC free. Shipping from an unknown international website can land you in more trouble than it’s worth.

Consuming a high-quality, consistent medicinal CBD vape can have excellent results, but still, it should be done under the advice of a trained professional who can advise on the correct dosage and ratio of CBD to THC for your specific condition.

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