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Dr Ben, Cannabis Doctors Australia CDA

Cannabis is an incredible plant with so much potential to heal.

While we debate the recreational legalisation of cannabis in Australia, medicinal access to cannabis for those needing it should be under no debate.

The barriers to accessing medicinal cannabis in Australia are slowly but surely falling away.


Cannabis Doctors Australia 

Dr Ben Jansen and the team at CDA health have been very busy over the past couple of years. They have been responsible for over 3000 patient approvals for access to medicinal cannabis.

Over 3,000 approvals and a 100% application success rate.

In addition to this goliath work, Dr Ben educates other practitioners in Australia, helping them better serve their own patients through effective and researched prescription of medicinal cannabis.


Eligibility and Suitability for Medicinal Cannabis/CBD Oil

Most of us here in Australia grew up under the premise that cannabis was a harmful, recreational drug. Regardless of our perception, this stigma around products like CBD oil or cannabis flower still very much exists.

Like almost any substance or medicine, cannabis can be misused. Most recreational use has little therapeutic or medicinal objective. 

Having said this, the research is clear. 

If used thoughtfully, cannabis has incredible potential medicinal benefits.

Dr Ben and the team at CDA health are really at the forefront of a shifting movement toward greater medicinal cannabis access in Australia. What makes their situation so unique, is the volume of firsthand experiences they are gathering, the number of patients they are treating, the data they are collecting.

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