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Oct, 2022

Charlotte’s Web is a CBD company founded in 2011 in Colorado by seven brothers.

The company mostly focuses on making full-spectrum CBD products, including oils, gummies, capsules, and now an exciting range of topical skin creams.

Charlotte’s Web grows all of the hemp used in their products on farms in Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky. All of their products are gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO, and some of their products are Certified Organic.

While some of the CBD extracts used in their skincare range exceed the legal limit for THC content for sale without a prescription, some of their products might make their way to the Australian market in future.

To help you decide whether to give their products a go, this CW CBD cream review will take a look at the most popular CW hemp cream products they offer, along with the company itself.

Charlotte’s Web Lab Results

Charlotte’s Web is fairly transparent about the contents of its products.

You can find a Certificate of Analysis for each batch using the batch number found on a product you purchased. This means you can only check the lab results for a product after you have bought it, but you can also view recent samples of Certificates of Analysis for each of their products. [1]

These lab results show that the products are not contaminated by harmful amounts of toxins such as bacteria or heavy metals.

They also show that Charlotte’s Web products can contain more CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids than stated on the label.

In some examples, the dose of CBD per ml is as much as 9 mg of CBD higher than advertised, and THC content sometimes exceeds 0.2%. This amount of variation is not unusual for full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products.

As a result, most of their CBD products would only be available to medical cannabis prescription holders if they were approved for sale in Australia.

Although, this is not looking likely any time soon, unfortunately.

CW Hemp Infused Cream Reviews

Below are reviews of the best CW topicals, however, if you’re interested in oral tinctures you can check out the review of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil here.

CW Hemp Infused Cream With CBD

CW Hemp Infused Cream With CBD

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused CBD Cream is sold in tubes of 28 grams or 71 grams and contains a dosage of around 10 mg of CBD per gram. The cream is advertised as restoring and rejuvenating your skin and can help to soothe sensitive skin.

Besides the full spectrum hemp extract, the cream also contains:

  • Aloe vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Oat extract
  • Sea buckthorn oil

CW Hemp Infused Balm With CBD

CW Hemp Infused Balm With CBD

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused CBD Balm is sold in tins of 14 grams or 42 grams, with a dosage of around 10 mg of CBD per gram. The balm also contains menthol, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and beeswax.

The CBD balm is great for treating dry or cracked skin in tough areas such as joints. It is absorbed into the skin fairly quickly and provides a long-lasting pleasant aroma.

Unlike most of Charlotte’s Web’s other products, this balm is not considered vegan because it contains beeswax.

CW Hemp Infused Balm Stick With CBD

CW Hemp Infused Balm Stick With CBD

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused CBD Balm Stick is sold in 50 gram sticks, each containing 525 mg of CBD extract.

The CBD balm sticks also contain menthol, peppermint oil, turmeric oil, ginger oil, and beeswax, making it great for soothing stiff muscles. Like CW paws CBD balm, this product is unsuitable for vegans because it contains beeswax.

CW Back And Neck Pain Relief Ointment

CW Back And Neck Pain Relief Ointment

This ointment is made using Charlotte’s Web’s THC-free broad spectrum CBD extract and is intended to provide targeted relief from minor pains such as muscle and joint aches. The ointment is sold in 40 gram tubes containing 600 mg of hemp extract.

The ointment also contains:

  • Camphor
  • Menthol
  • Clove oil
  • MCT oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Tea tree oil

CW Arthritis Aches And Pain Relief Cream

As the name implies, this cream is designed to relieve pain and stiffness caused by arthritis and inflammation, enabling you to enjoy daily activities without discomfort. The cream contains 600 mg of CBD in each 48 gram bottle.

It also contains a range of essential oils to add to its pain-relieving and moisturising properties. These include:

  • Clove oil
  • MCT oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Lavender oil

This cream is also sold as a topical ointment for more targeted relief.

CW Active Sport Pain Relief Stick

CW Active Sport Pain Relief Stick

This solid rub-on stick is designed to provide fast and convenient pain relief for joint and muscle aches, strains, and bruises during exercise. Each 30 gram stick contains 600 mg of hemp extract and a range of other essential oils.

These include:

  • Camphor
  • Menthol
  • Clove oil
  • MCT oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Honeysuckle oil
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Myrrh oil

CW Hemp Infused Cooling Gel With CBD

This hemp-infused cooling gel is formulated to soothe sore muscles after a long workout or a day out on the trail.

Each 48 gram bottle contains 510 mg of CBD along with menthol and arnica to create a strong cooling effect.

CW Hemp Infused Roll On With CBD

Charlotte’s Web offers two CBD roll-on aromatherapy oil varieties: lavender and peppermint.

Each roll-on bottle contains 10 ml of a blend of essential oils and 100 mg of CBD. These are intended to provide calming and relaxing effects through application to key areas such as the temples, wrists, and forehead.

The lavender roll-on contains lavender oil, bergamot oil, and chamomile oil. The peppermint roll-on contains peppermint oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, and rosemary oil.

CW Acne Treatment Medicated Cream

CW Acne Treatment Medicated Cream

This medicated acne cream is formulated to support healthy, moisturised skin while helping the skin to heal after an acne breakout. The THC-free hemp infusion helps the cream soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

The cream is sold in 40 gram tubes, and also contains oatmeal extract, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and Jojoba seed oil.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Cream Customer Reviews

Charlotte’s Web CBD cream customers are generally happy with the products themselves, finding them effective at relieving aches and pains and inexpensive compared to similar brands.

However, customers ordering directly from the company often highlight slow delivery times and unresponsive customer service.

Again, it must be noted that presently Australians can’t legally import these products.

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Charlotte’s Web.


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