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Jul, 2022

Down To Earth is a natural wellness company that brings together more than a decade of understanding and experience of CBD to create a range of unique skincare and CBD edibles products.

But are their products worth the price? Keep reading to find out!

Down To Earth Lab Reports

Down To Earth provides a certificate of analysis for each of the CBD extracts it produces on its website.[1]

These show that both the broad spectrum and CBD isolate extracts and the CBD products made with them fall within the limits of a CBD product that could be sold over the counter in future, though neither they nor any other products have been given approval for this yet.

It’s important to remember that CBD is still a type of medicine, and if you have a serious underlying health condition or consume other medications, it’s important to discuss supplementation with a doctor.

Down To Earth CBD In Australia

Down To Earth has a wide range of THC-free products that are available for sale in Australia. These include CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD lip balm, CBD skin balm, and CBD honey.

If you’d like to make a comparison to another CBD oil brand, you can check out our JGO CBD oil review here.

Down To Earth CBD Oils

Down To Earth offers both broad spectrum and isolated CBD oils. Both of these options are sold in 30 ml bottles containing either 1000 mg, 2000 mg, and 3000 mg CBD variants.

The broad spectrum CBD oil contains a high ratio of minor cannabinoids, including CBN, CBDV, CBG, and CBC. The cannabidiol extract is suspended in an organic hemp seed oil.

Cannabinoids are believed to enhance the effects of other cannabinoids, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. As a result, broad-spectrum CBD oil might have more potent effects.

The added benefits of the entourage effect could improve the immune system boost the CBD provides, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties, making it a popular choice to help relieve aches and pains from arthritis. [2]

If you buy directly from the Down To Earth websites, you can also choose to have your CBD in an MCT carrier oil instead of hemp seed oil.

Down To Earth CBD Edibles

Down To Earth has a small selection of high-quality CBD edibles for every need and taste preference. These include CBD-infused dark chocolate and CBD gummies.

Down To Earth CBD Chocolates

Happy Days

pack of dark chocolate with happy days written on it

These broad spectrum CBD dark chocolates are infused with Lion’s-mane to help lift your mood, increase your mental clarity, and focus your concentration. Each of the artisanal chocolates contains 74% cocoa, 40 mg CBD extract, 10 mg CBN, and 200 mg of Lion’s-mane.

Chill Out

dark chocolate pack with 'chill out' written on it

Chill Out is a 74% dark chocolate blend that contains 40 mg of CBD isolate per chocolate. These chocolates are intended to relieve tension and stress, and help you to get a better night of sleep as a result of their soothing qualities, with many people using them to relieve anxiety and mild pain.

Down To Earth CBD Gummies

cbd gummies box with opened cover

Most of Down To Earth’s CBD gummies are full spectrum products that contain THC. They do offer one THC-free gummy product though, which is dubbed OG Kush Gummies.

These contain isolated extracts of 50 mg of CBD and 10 mg of CBG per gummy. Each tin contains 10 gummies.

The gummies have a strong sour and fruity taste, and deliver fast-acting pain relief, anti-anxiety effects, and improved sleep.

Down To Earth CBD Lip Balm

Down To Earth produces 2 different types of CBD lip balm, sold in small, portable tins. These are Relax Lippy and Bliss Lippy.

Relax Lippy

front & back view of relax lippy box

Relax Lippy is great for soothing headaches and stress. In addition to the 30 mg of hemp extract, the lip balm also contains crushed pearls, vanilla, cocoa butter, macadamia oil, apricot kernel oil, lavender oil, petitgrain oil, beeswax, sunflower lecithin, and vitamin E.

Bliss Lippy

frond & back view of bliss lippy box

Bliss Lippy is a smooth and fragrant lip balm that is also great for soothing aches, pains, and sore skin. It contains 30 mg of hemp extract per tin, along with cocoa butter, crushed pearls, vanilla extract, macadamia oil, apricot kernel oil, German chamomile, beeswax, sunflower lecithin, and vitamin E.

Down To Earth CBD Skin Balm

Down To Earth does not just create lip balms. Its range of topical skin products also includes a number of skin balms. Each 110 g tin contains 700 mg of full spectrum hemp extract:

Arnica And Juniper Active Balm

close up view of active balm box

This skin balm is great for supporting an active lifestyle. Its ingredients are all chosen for their muscle soothing properties. The balm can help with muscle repair, bruise healing, and new tissue formation, as well as soothing your exercise-related aches.

The balm contains cocoa butter, olive oil, avocado oil, tamanu oil, arnica oil, juniper oil, sunflower lecithin, beeswax, and vitamin E.

Angelica And Geranium Repair Balm

close up view of repair balm box

The ingredients of this CBD skin balm are chosen to enhance the soothing and healing properties of CBD. As a result, it is great for tackling irritating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

The Repair Balm contains cocoa butter, olive oil, avocado oil, tamanu oil, beeswax, angelica oil, geranium oil, sunflower lecithin, and vitamin E.

German Chamomile Bliss Balm

close up view of bliss balm box

Bliss is a great soothing and anti-aging moisturising balm. It is excellent for hydrating your skin and reducing inflammation, providing all round benefits that help fight the effects of aging on your skin.

Bliss contains cocoa butter, macadamia oil, apricot kernel oil, beeswax, German chamomile, sunflower lecithin, and vitamin E.

Down To Earth CBD Serums

Down To Earth produces 2 varieties of CBD skin serum, providing another way to use CBD as a topical treatment.

Harmony Serum

close up view of harmony serum bottle

Harmony serum is formulated to moisturise and regenerate your skin while you are sleeping. It is great for fighting blemishes such as dark shadows under your eyes, and other visible signs of aging in your skin.

The serum contains hemp extract, jojoba, camellia, coconut oil, evening primrose, rosehip, calendula extract, sandalwood, and vitamin E.

Joy Serum

close up view of joy serum bottle

Joy serum is an invigorating and quickly-absorbed topic that is great for use during the day. Its combination of essential oils provides hydration and adds firmness to your skin while combating oily skin.

Joy serum contains hemp extract, jojoba, camellia, coconut oil, calendula, Egyptian geranium, mandarin, bergamot, and vitamin E.

Down To Earth CBeeD Honey

cbeed honey jar

Down To Earth combines full spectrum hemp extract with ethically produced honey and Reishi mushrooms. This potent mix is a great immune system booster, antioxidant, antiseptic, and soothing skin treatment.

CbeeD honey is a great way to take your CBD dose, thanks to the many ways you can enjoy it, such as eating it, mixing it into your food or drink, or even using it as a skin treatment.

Down To Earth Offers A Limited But Great Selection

Down To Earth’s THC-free range may not have a lot of options, but everything on offer is high quality and available in a range of dosages.

If you’re looking for a CBD product that has an onset time faster onset time than CBD oil, which can be anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, you can check out this article for more info on CBD inhalers in Australia.

Have you tried any Down To Earth products? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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