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Australia is (though rather slowly) waking up to the long hidden truth that cannabis has numerous benefits far outweighing the stigmas of ‘getting high’. 

It’s going to be in our food, our gardens, our beds, our clothing, our construction material.

It’s going to replace harmful medicines, harmful fabrics and harmful plastics. 

And thanks to people like Tegan, we’re going to see this transition happen with more transparency, grace and ease. 


Tegan Scates (High on Hemp)

Tegan is the walking embodiment of cannabis entrepreneurship in Australia. And how exciting to see young, bright and inspiring people at the forefront of an industry ready to explode.

Tegan understands this plant and industry inside out. She’s incredibly passionate about cannabis from all angles. 

In addition to operating a full service cannabis marketing and advocacy agency, she has also created her own hemp milk product.

If that weren’t enough, Tegan is also behind the scenes investigating medicinal cannabis products like CBD oil, ensuring Australians have the most transparent information about the products they are buying.


High on Hemp

High on Hemp operates as a full service marketing agency to cannabis companies. The main goal is to raise awareness of the cannabis plant and the myriad of amazing ways we can coexist with it.

Check it out here.



Tegan also walks the talk.

Her hemp milk product, MaMilk has been in the works for a number of years now. She has partnered with Australian farmers, and is in the process of perfecting pasteurisation and supply chain processes.

We can’t wait.  


BRAD A retired journalist and marketing professional; Brad founded Hinterland co with business partner and mate Erin. Brad is cannabis obsessed. Get in touch on the hintergram @hinterlandcobyron.


Writer slash founder, Hinterland co.

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