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Sep, 2021

Hey movers and shakers,

Welcome to the weekly Hinter-rag, Issue #4.

Thought we’d try something a little different this week and discuss a single topic.

I was hoping to hear everyone’s opinions about old mate Gina dropping a cool 15mil into the Australian medical cannabis market?

Here are my thoughts.

On the brightside, it’s nice to see more mainstream attention moving towards cannabis in Australia.

On the not-so-brightside, I’m just going to throw this out there and say I think this highlights everything that is wrong, and what could be made even worse with cannabis in Australia.

My inner skeptic tells me that a coal mining billionaire heiress with a track history of greed, corruption and manipulation, owning a 10% stake in one of Australia’s leading medical cannabis operations is not going to end well.

I fail to see how this is going to support everyday Australians accessing this amazing plant. On the contrary, this will potentially place more pressure on Australia to postpone adult use.

From my understanding, LGP are using the additional funds to build an overseas facility.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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Until next time,

Stay green Hinterfam 🌱


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  1. Floyd

    Mate it’s probably just for personal use

    • Hinterland co.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this comment Floyd, haha. That would take Gina up a few pegs in my book.

    • Laurita

      Gina Rinehart just another megalomaniac looking to cash in on a lucrative product.
      I doubt very much that she cares about the people who desperately need Cannabis Oil for their healthcare. Absolutely sickens me when I read about these rich arseholes pretending that they care about anything but themselves and their profit margin.

  2. Cherelle Legge

    Im a medical cannabis patient and cannot access my medications. Its unbelievable. If it was an opioid they wouldn’t run out.
    Why wouldn’t Gina build the new place here??? Aussies need jobs. During this covid change in the world we need to be doing everything on aus. Building, growing, manufacturing ect. Not just this but everything!!

    • Hinterland co.

      Interesting to hear this Cherelle. It’s ironic the medical market is still struggling with stock issues and delays yet the big companies are involved with export and building overseas. I don’t know the specific details on why they aren’t building and creating jobs here.

  3. Geoffrey Chambers

    I tend to agree with your train of thought, big business has only one agenda, profit for themselves and their shareholders. The pro’s and con’s with this arrangement can be both beneficial and destructive. Do you accept the injection of serious money or do you take the moral high ground and decline the offer. I think all people want a solution to this ridiculous situation of out dated laws and restrictions and want free and clear choice on both medical and recreational cannabis. So maybe we let the pigs get their fill from the trough and we the real people of this land finally obtain our right to use cannabis for all it’s amazing healing uses.

    • Hinterland co.

      Yeah, agree Geoffrey. You obviously can’t blame anyone for accepting financial backing. I just think it’s troubling when investments of this nature look to steer the industry further away from the patients and more toward the profit. It wouldn’t be a drama, I’m more thinking about the potential impact this could have on adult use legalisation. Might be a bit of a conspiracy mindset from my end, but when certain individuals have huge power over politics and media, if they believe adult use legalisation will hurt their investment, it’s going to prolong legalisation for sure.

  4. Leanne

    Interested to know why the new facility is being built overseas and not in Australia?

    Although I would love to be optimistic I fear the reality will see history repeating itself yet again. The CBD industry will eventually get swallowed up as another money making scheme for those whom care more about profit than making a quality product that is accessible to everyone.

    • Hinterland co.

      We will dig into the specifics and hopefully chat with LGP. Agree on the history repeating unfortunately.

  5. Gayle

    She says it herself, “We are confident this acquisition is an efficient use of our capital and will drive long term value for our shareholders,” she said.
    It’s all about about money moving possibly to keep the cash away from the taxman.
    LGP I’m guessing is nothing about anyone’s well-being other than seeing Australia’s cheap and potentially easy for them to acquire, and the gullibility of local government and power players looking to make their names heard as progressive and therefore deserving of note and votes.
    She makes no mention of any concern for the health and well-being of the huge numbers in the Australian/ Global population living with impossible to deal with conditions.
    If any of these cashed up tax evaders ever thought to look into the un-addressed health and well-being needs of masses of Australians of all ages and decided to park there money into advocating for research and making available cures, aids and methods for improving quality of life my mind boggles at how different and life-changing and world-changing this would be and I am guessing that that they might even enjoy profits coming at the them in a different way and with the ability to fund new ventures that not only contribute towards achieving a life which feels worth living for so many people but with projects that assist our Planet’s Healing

    • Hinterland co.

      Hey Gayle,

      Couldn’t agree more with the intentions from Gina’s end. I have heard some good things about LGP. And I’ve heard some good things about other medical cannabis companies in Australia who really do care about the wellbeing of Australians and the environment, a good mission.

      Just hoping these people are steering the ship.

  6. Brian Cotgrove

    I see this as purely another way of jumping onto a bandwagon to “GET IN EARLY” on a new portfolio that will only create more wealth, and nothing more?

    • Hinterland co.

      Hey Brian, yeah unfortunately I see it the same way and I don’t think many would argue she’s doing it for any other reason. Let’s hope she doesn’t hold enough influence to push things in a negative direction.

    • Jan Western

      The delay is all tied to money making , be it government or private companies.
      One would think that govt taking control of production would be an equaliser .
      Not necessarily true.
      Control by private companies also has the potential to make patients suffer with delay.
      And less scrutiny about pricing .

      It is beyond ones’s comprehension .
      My only deduction at present is
      ” greed before need “


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