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Sep, 2021
Hey guys,

Last week we chatted about our good mate Gina taking an oversized slice of the Australian cannabis pie.

We really loved all the feedback and hearing everyones thoughts, so we’re going to keep that going this week.

Welcome to the weekly Hinter-rag, Issue #5.

🇻🇳  Illegal Vietnamese drug syndicates profiting from Australia’s outdated cannabis laws

I found unravelling this story absolutely fascinating, and sad. It illustrates how backwards our laws currently are, and who they are hurting the most.
As most of us are aware, the Australian government and police force wisely use our resources and tax payer money to police cannabis use and keep us all safe. God bless them, doing such a wonderful job.

Just kidding.

We waste enormous amounts of money policing a harmless plant that grows in the dirt. It’s horrendous.

Did you know the Australian government use heat seeking helicopters to locate grow houses so that they can bust people growing cannabis? 

Just a few weeks ago we visited Nimbin for the Mardigrass, a harmless event where every entry to and from the town had a drug testing station setup.

What good does this serve? And who profits?

It’s not the everyday Australian who needs access to this medicine. It’s not the person being arrested for growing cannabis in the backyard.

It’s a wealthy minority who can afford to be a part of the lucrative and ineffective medical cannabis market in Australia, such as our good mate Gina.

It’s also benefiting sophisticated overseas drug syndicates. 

Illegal cannabis use and large scale illegal cannabis production is growing in this country exponentially.
Over the past decade, hundreds of legal and illegal immigrants have been arrested for taking part in cultivating and supplying cannabis all across Australia. From major cities to rural towns, large outdoor farms to hole-in-the-wall houses, these Vietnamese criminal networks show no fear, and no respect, of Australia’s law – setting up their cannabis crops anywhere and everywhere they can. When caught, oftentimes they face a short jail term, and are then deported back to Vietnam.
Read the full article here. Thanks Pondering Pot!
The stupidity and arrogance of our government to address legalising this plant is almost unbearable.
Would love to hear you thoughts on this as always. Maybe I’m overlooking something?
Until next time,

Hco ✌️
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  1. Jan

    The whole ” illegal” bit is beyond my comprehension . Without in depth study, my guess is it has to do with money.
    Is the government holding off, until it is
    “” ready ” to run a govt owned / operated business ?

    I actually wish I enjoyed a recreational smoke, rather than an after dinner drink.
    Alcohol is poison, causes cancer, yet no form of regulation .
    It causes far more social / family problems/ violence etc., ( than cannabis )
    and highly addictive for some.

    Medicinally we are encouraged to take this or that script , no questions asked .
    I read up on all the ingredients of prescribed medicines. The cocktail of chemicals will shock you . Then drug interactions get complicated , esp for the elderly .

    The chemicals in cigarettes are also poison to the body . Again , no regulation .

    The ” addiction story ” does not hold weight .
    There are addictive personalities . Then , there are people who consume anything they can find to self medicate , because the poor souls have mental / emotional health problems
    and desperate for relief.
    Improve the mental health system .

    I do buy very high quality CBD oil for my suffering ageing dog. , and take it along with my daily vitamin schedule. ( for general health maintenance ) .

    Keeping this plant ” illegal ” is actually causing more harm than good , for some individuals , for society as a whole. It is depriving people from holistic , health medicine .
    It has the potential to reduce the enormous harm caused by alcohol and the side effects of ” approved medicines “. .

    The ” illegal status ” encourages crime , and fills the pockets of greedy humans who have zero interest in improving health .

    I have socialised plenty with drinkers and weed smokers. It is always the alcohol induced that cause the friction and worse in the social setting .

    I reiterate, I write this post as one who has never enjoyed smoking the plant.
    I choose not to.
    So my views / comments are completely
    objective .

    I have been trying to work it out for years .
    Who / what ..: is behind this illegal stance.?

    How can it be changed ?


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