Labor party intervenes in Victoria’s cannabis enquiry

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Sep, 2021

Cannabis stigma is slowly but surely unraveling around the world as countries and states continue to legalise this plant. Unfortunately, Australian government officials continue to bury their uneducated melons deep in the sand, failing to recognise the overwhelming scientific evidence and potential economic benefits.

The uphill battle in Australia continues.

A two year long inquiry which would create legalisation recommendations was watered down at the last minute thanks to our progressive MP’s, against the majority of evidence provided by Australian and international health experts favouring decriminalisation.

An article published yesterday in the age stated:

A two-year State Parliament inquiry that was set to recommend legalising cannabis in Victoria has been watered down after Andrews government MPs intervened at the last minute. The inquiry’s report, to be released on Thursday morning, now suggests the government “investigate the impacts of legalising cannabis for adult personal use in Victoria” – a marginal step that dents proponents’ hopes of a shift in the state’s drug policy in the foreseeable future.

Cannabiz editor at large discusses the inquiry, intervention and perhaps more importantly, implications on offenders with existing minor cannabis offences.

“The criminalisation of cannabis is a scourge on society that must be addressed, with or without recreational legalisation. The report reveals that cannabis use and possession charges represent 41% of all minor drug offence charges in Victoria. Between 2007 and 2017, Victorian magistrates’ courts dealt with 23,340 minor drug offences that only involved cannabis. From 2017 to 2018, Victorian police made 9,760 cannabis-related arrests, 90% of which were for simple possession and consumption.”

If you speak with many doctors and law makers in Australia about cannabis, they’ll still inform you there is no solid evidence to prove the effectiveness of cannabis in treating any medical condition. They might even attempt to tell you it’s such a harmful drug, that widespread legalisation could result in large increases in mental health problems, crime and societal degeneration. It’s beyond baffling that this view can still be clung to.

“Predictably, the police and the LNP are opposed to broader cannabis decriminalisation. But it is disappointing to see the Victorian Labor Party argue for these unjust laws to be retained. Perhaps Labor politicians have been listening to bad advice. For example, Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir, who argued that illicit cannabis cultivation and trafficking causes significant harm to young people, and that’s why we should reject policies like decriminalisation and legalisation, that would reduce illicit cultivation and trafficking. You can’t make this stuff up.”


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  1. Anthony Better

    What can I say
    The government are in a world of their own and dark ages
    They could not give a dam to people health and pain and what works
    Like they like to keep big business in medicine going and not helping people
    With pain
    Over loaded hospitals and long waiting list
    Been waiting for over 4 years for a hip replacement operation and the pain medication the doctor can write has reduced and now one needs specialist approval
    To write what they were able to write 1 year ago
    And the government and health departments are a joke and do not care about the people
    Who is feeding their back pocket

    • Hinterland co.

      Hey Anthony, excuse the slow reply. Definitely in the dark ages. If it’s not serving the back pockets, it’s not getting any traction in this country.

  2. Garry Alderton

    My wife suffers from Arthritis we’re can I buy some from and is it safe to drive while using it.

    • Hinterland co.

      Hey Garry, it depends on whether or not your wife needs to use THC or CBD. CBD isn’t impairing in the same way THC is, but you do need to be careful. Feel free to shoot us a direct email –

  3. Linda Milazzo

    If they legalize cannabis, then the money train will stop from the fines and convictions. And the police won’t be able to fund their Christmas Parties.
    it is okay for our judiciary to snort coke and Paedophile children, God forbid if some one smokes cannabis and does no harm to anyone. only if one has a pre disposition to a mental illness will it in turn have an effect on their behavior. The sad thing is our government talk their talk (I might add through their butts) they don’t walk their walk.

    • Hinterland co.

      Hey Linda, brutal response, but it’s true. The government actually increased implementation of road side drug testing and minor cannabis offences and removed testing for driving with harmful opioids and cocaine. What a world we live in.

  4. Linda Milazzo

    This does not make sense I have already commented

  5. Trevena Kelly

    I believe that the AMA and the Drug companies are lobbying for Cannabis to not allowed.
    Only 2% of the GPs in Australia doing prescriptions for CBD and other types of medical cannabis.
    If you go to the TGA web site you will see that all GPs are able to prescribe it.
    As for the drug companies they are scared that if people find out that medical cannabis really help a lot of people they will lose a lot of money so they are going to do and pay people what ever it takes.

    • Hinterland co.

      Hey Trevena, it definitely appears that way. We have backward medical and political systems and unfortunately the drug companies seem to have far more influence on regulation than the public.

      • Sandra

        The problem is all gov is corrupt the Andrews gov is especially evil, that may sound far fetched but there is proof of it.
        Once you know that all pharma is a huge money making business, many doctors no better who write scrips in lieu of proper treatment what hope have we got.

        • Hinterland co.

          Hey Sandra. Yeah, we’re trying to avoid going too far down the rabbit hole as it upsets people. But people have every reason to question the pharmaceutical companies and corrupt government.


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