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Mar, 2022

Hemp oil, hemp clothing, hemp skin care, hemp sheets, hemp seeds, hemp protein.

Hemp is trendy, even here in Australia. But this wasn’t always the case.

When Margaret River Hemp Company opened their doors over a decade ago, the hemp story was a little different. They’ve been in the trenches for over ten years, educating people on the incredible benefits of hemp.

As legislation and attitude toward cannabis slowly changes in Australia, we’re going to see many-a-business capitalising on the hype and the excitement.

“We’re going to see poor quality, untested cannabis products hit the market. We’re going to see companies importing poorly grown hemp and cannabis from growers with unsustainable farming practices, rather than supporting local farmers.”
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Australian consumers will be misled by companies out to make a quick buck.

Thankfully, Margaret River Hemp Co is not one of these companies.

Who is Margaret River Hemp Company?

 Margaret River Hemp Company

We recently spoke with owner Georgina.

We learned more about hemp in an hour than we’ve learned in our entire lives.

On the surface, Margaret River Hemp Company specialise in providing an extensive range of high quality hemp products.

Hemp clothing, hemp skin care, hemp foods, hemp accessories.

Below the surface, they are much, much more.

There’s no question they are deeply committed to a sustainable future. A healthier, hempier human race and planet.

How do we know they are real deal?

Investment in long term, sustainable farming practices

 Margaret River Hemp Company Farm

Margaret River Hemp Company work and partner with some of Australia’s leading broadacre farmers. They’re exploring and implementing carbon farming practices and engaging with cutting edge organic soil consultancy firms. They’re investing in their own machinery to ensure they have quality control over the entire supply chain.

From the soil quality right through to the final product you eat, apply or live inside (we’ll explain more about the live inside later), MR Hemp are investing in the long term game, ensuring their products are locally sourced, created and distributed under the best possible conditions.

With the exception of their clothing range, their products are all created from 100% Australian grown hemp.

This is neither the cheapest nor easiest path. But it’s the most sustainable.

Hemp homes Australia

House made from hemp

As if it weren’t enough running and managing one of Australia’s longest standing hemp companies, Georgina’s husband Gary also runs Australia’s first hemp construction company.

Hemp homes Australia.

If you’re anything like us, you might be scratching your head right about now. Building a home from hemp is a relatively new thing, but it’s almost certain to grow in popularity as we shift toward more environmentally and sustainability driven building decisions.

How you might ask?

Hempcrete is an incredibly sustainable and efficient building material. Hempcrete can be used as a natural building product to replace less efficient, less sustainable materials.

Why would someone opt for a hemp home?

Like the fabric, it provides great insulation. Warm in winter, cool in summer.

It’s mould resistant thanks to the breathability of the plant/material.

Circling back to sustainable farming practices, it’s a carbon negative option. When grown, hemp absorbs more carbon than it emits.

We won’t go into too much detail here. We’ll be looking to catchup with Gary in the near future to learn more about this fascinating company straight from the horses mouth.

The hemp revolution

To top things off, Georgina is part of the push toward better hemp education and accesiblity at both state and national levels.

She is chairperson and founding member of The Industrial Hemp Western Australia Association, and vice president of The Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance.

You can learn more about Margaret River Hemp Company here. Check out their products, give them a follow on Instagram.

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