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Mar, 2022

We travelled deep into Byron’s lush hinterland to the homestead of Dr Teh. Dr Teh is a veteran of the Australian medical cannabis industry, and the founder of PlantMed. A medical cannabis clinic in Brisbane, Australia.

Dr Jon Teh

The biggest takeaway from our conversation with Dr Teh was that becoming a true cannabinoid practitioner requires a dedication to the art.

We know that moving patients away from pharmaceuticals and toward a cannabis alternative presents significant benefits. But to do so efficiently requires unique skill and training.

Every individual is unique. Finding the most suitable cannabinoid ratio, delivery method and treatment plan requires thorough examination and experience.

Dr Jon has spent many years now educating the Australian public and other doctors about medical cannabis and the benefits. When he commenced this journey, things were much different.

But even as access to and knowledge of cannabis widens in Australia, it’s still very clear we need more education.

Luckily for us, Dr Teh is equal parts passionate about cannabis the plant (an avid organic farmer and permaculture expert), the medicine and the education of Australian doctors and public.

He’s incredibly down to earth and has a knack for explaining rather complex topics in a simple and approachable manner.

“I put up a lot of my time for education. There’s a lot of stigmas when it comes to cannabis. We’ve been told it’s bad and harmful; it’s in fact an incredibly useful supplement and medicine.”
Dr Jon Teh

Plant Med, Australia

Plant Med are a Brisbane based medical cannabis clinic. They specialise in cannabinoid medicine and integrated health practices.

They also promote working in conjunction with each patients existing doctors and medical support to incorporate medical cannabis as an adjunct treatment option.

If you’d like to get in touch with PlantMed, check out their website here.

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