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It’s a trendy word.

Slap it before a product, above your logo or in the occasional Insta post. You’re sure to sell some more stuff.

But the earth is sick. Here in Australia, the fires, the flooding. If mother nature was ever trying to send us a message, surely this is it

What we need right now are businesses and leaders who operate from a space of genuine, transparent sustainability. The pursuit of a healthier planet and healthier people.

As consumers, we need to more carefully select the businesses to whom we give our dollars, and our attention.

“We each have the burden and the gift of living at such a moment, where every purchase we make creates new patterns of profound and powerful ‘trends’ that will, in effect, turn the tides. Our consumer choices are the greatest stand we can make as guardians of the earth. More potent than our political choices, is the financial support we give to corporations who misrepresent our values. These are the veins of our systems and we are the blood. Fate, is as much in our hands as it is in our pockets.”
The Hemp Temple website

And that’s precisely the pursuit of the Hemp Temple.

What goes down in the temple?

The Hemp Temple are a shining beacon of business deeply rooted in a push toward a more sustainable, more conscious planet. They’re at the forefront of a shifting fashion industry, they also happen to produce some pretty dope hemp threads.

Think Ancient Greece meets bohemian, flower child of Byron Bay.

Woman holding grapes

They sell an amazing range of simple, flowy hemp-based men and women’s clothing.

Don’t take our word for it, check them out yourself.

“The fundamental goal of the Hemp Temple is to be of service to our earth, our people, our neighbouring species and ourselves. We aspire to operate as clean as possible. Meaning, at each point in our production we are continually working to minimise our footprint by reducing our use of natural resources, including our use of plastic, dyes, electricity, land and water. This is a goal we strive to achieve, yet it is a process that is capped by the development of our own capabilities, resources and timelines.”
The Hemp Temple website

Why hemp clothing?

The fashion industry is a disturbingly large contributor to environmental pollution. If you trace back through the supply chain of most of the labels most of us grew up wearing, it’s not pretty.

The production, the waste, the working conditions, the material.

Cannabis is such an incredibly versatile plant with huge potential to shift the way we consume, transform industries and help heal the planet.

If this is the first time you’ve been introduced to the idea that you can wear cannabis (hemp) and not just roll it up and smoke it, you’re not alone.

We have an another article breaking down the different variants of the cannabis plant here, check it out.

Hemp grows far more abundantly and sustainably compared with other crops. It can rejuvenate the soil, and the entire plant can be used in a myriad of ways. Medicine, food, textiles, oils, construction.

When companies like The Hemp Temple combine the use of hemp with truly sustainable ethics, we can’t help but get excited.

Temple vision

“It is our sacred responsibility to create consciously, buy consciously and live consciously.”

We had a most thought provoking and inspiring chat with Isabella, one of the founders and also the wordsmith behind many of The Hemp Temples great articles.

If you spend some time following The Hemp Temple on Instagram, or reading through their blog, you’ll quickly realise their mission and interets go well beyond a hemp clothing company.

They cover topics from sex and spirituallity, to sustainability and ethical leadership. You can really feel their brand and story is driven by a purpose far greater than making people look sexy in hemp threads.

Their business model and approach is all about the feminine flow. Something the world is in dire need of right now.

Hemptemple girls

The girls have a really cool story of travelling the world, living in Spain, opening second hand clothing stores abroad and here in Australia.

There are plenty of exciting movements in the works for The Hemp Temple, we can’t wait to watch them grow in 2020 and beyond. They’ve recently uprooted and switched to the Western coastline of Australia where they will be building base and community.

More to come.

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