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Sep, 2021

“The future is nature. We believe in a world where people have control over their health and nature is the source of their wellbeing.”
YVY Life Sciences

YVY Life Sciences is a name we can expect to hear more from in the coming months and years.

Founders Kevin and Andrea have an amazing story.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin, covering everything from sustainable farming practices, agronomy and soil biodiversity, to legislation and gender equality in business.

They are at the forefront of the cannabis industry in Uruguay.

Their vision, YVY Life Sciences, was not so long ago just a nervous jump into the unknown.

It’s now quickly sprouting from seed, to Cannabis movement.

They’ve just partnered with Facundo Garreton. A successful entrepreneur, social impact leader and former member of congress in Argentina.

The 1.5 million strategic partnership and investment will allow YVY to scale production.

But unlike many of the crumbling cannabis startups in the United States who received early funding, YVY aren’t in a frantic race to the top. They’re building a foundation of ethical and sustainable practices and values.

Exciting times indeed.

How did it all start?

Kevin and Andrea have traversed the globe. Moving between South Africa, Israel, Australia and the United states. They’ve both been involved in startups, and lived the hands on cannabis journey.

After spending a great deal of time in California working with Flow Kanna (a successful sustainability-focused cannabis startup) followed by a cultivation season with some of the most experienced cannabis farmers on the planet, they decided on Uruguay to sprout their new vision.

The decision wasn’t easy.

With a newborn baby on the way, starting a business venture (especially in the cannabis space) was a risky move.

But they went for it.

What is YVY Life Sciences?

Kevin and Andrea are building a network of small, sustainable, standardised farms.

Rather than frantically scaling and racing to grow as quickly as possible, the focus is all about quality.

They’ve employed several agronomists and work closely with a select number of farms and farmers to ensure they are able to oversee the entire process from seed to production.

They have a great vision and mission, they’re committed to a healthier planet and people, and they have plans to export and work with Australia in the not so distant future.

Sustainability and ethical farming. Diversity of people, crops and technology. We can’t wait to see what comes of YVY Life Sciences.

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