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Cannabis is perhaps the most misunderstood and fascinating plant on planet earth. It’s an ally with incredible healing potential. Potential to heal the earth, and potential to heal our bodies and minds.

Hinterland co. is a promise to connect the curious, the health conscious, the seekers of alternative medicine and sustainable practices with Australia’s best companies, products and practitioners. 

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CBD Versus THC. What's the difference?

CBD and THC’s medicinal properties are a topic of growing fascination.  continue reading.

Where to buy CBD oil in Australia?

In Australia and interested in buying CBD oil? We explain exactly how and where you can do this. The steps involved, the costs, the dangers and everything in between continue reading.


Benefits of CBD Oil

A little over two years ago, my relationship with cannabis was entirely transformed after I was introduced to CBD oil.  continue reading.

Disclaimer. While we strive to relay the most factual education available, this shouldn't replace official medical or legal consultation and recommendation. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Happy days.

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