5 CBD Oil Side Effects You Need to Know About


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Dec, 2022

5 CBD Oil Side Effects You Need to Know About

It’s undeniable that CBD oil offers many therapeutic benefits, and as such has become a widely accepted health supplement.

The World Health Organization says CBD is “generally well tolerated with a good safety profile” and shows “no signs of toxicity or serious side effects.”

Of course, “serious side effects” don’t mean there aren’t any side effects at all.

With CBD’s ever-growing popularity for a range of conditions, it’s important to understand the potential side effects that may occur from consumption and what influences these outcomes.

Common short-term CBD oil side effects

Even though cannabidiol has a good safety profile and is generally well tolerated by users, there are still some side effects that may occur. These are some of the most common side effects:

Dry Mouth

Cannabinoid consumption may lead to reduced saliva production causing a dry mouth, sometimes known as cottonmouth.

Try to keep well hydrated if you feel a little on the parched side.

Drowsiness and sleepiness

Feeling sleepy after consuming CBD may be the exact effect those with insomnia are looking to achieve, however, not everyone wants to feel sedated from CBD.

Usually, this side effect is commonly associated with higher dosages of CBD. Generally, lower doses of CBD are associated with increased alertness and wakefulness.

Gastrointestinal Changes

CBD may relax the bowels, resulting in mild diarrhea after consumption.

However, changes in bowel habits may also be due to the type of carrier oil used. Some people are sensitive to MCT oil – a common carrier oil – which may cause stomach pain or mild diarrhea

Lowers blood pressure

While the research is somewhat limited, there’s evidence that CBD may lower blood pressure due to the vasodilation effects on blood vessels.

A 2017 study found that a single dose of CBD reduced blood pressure in healthy volunteers. [1]

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Medications that may interact with CBD oil

As mentioned by the WHO report – and confirmed by a review of randomised clinical trials – CBD can interact with other medications.

Adverse reactions include an increase in liver enzymes, drowsiness, and even pneumonia. [2]

Likewise, CBD interacts with seizure and diabetes medications, antidepressants, and specific painkillers. [3,4]

So if you’re already on medication, it’s highly recommended you talk to a healthcare professional before trying CBD. 

Are CBD Hemp Oil Side Effects the same as CBD oil side effects?

Firstly, let’s clear up some misconceptions.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant as opposed to the marijuana plant; while both are species of cannabis, hemp is a high-CBD and low-THC plant and the opposite is true about marijuana.

Many people become concerned when they see hemp-derived CBD oil, but these concerns are based on a lack of understanding.

So, in short, all the above side effects are specific to hemp-derived CBD oil products.

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How to avoid CBD oil side effects?

Start low and go slow

When first starting your journey with CBD, always ensure you start with a low dosage and slowly increase it until you feel the best beneficial effects.

Review the product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Spend some time doing a bit of research. Read the COA and check whether it contains the stated dosage of CBD, also check to make sure it has passed other tests that verify its purity.

Talk to a doctor if you take other medications

As stated, CBD can interact with other medications which may either cause a build-up in the system or decrease the dosage rendering it ineffective.

If you rely on other medications, ensure you have a conversation with your doctor before introducing CBD oil.

CBD Oil Side Effects Summary 

Generally, it’s safe to consume CBD daily and the negative side effects of CBD are minor unless you are on other medication. 

If you are experiencing mild side effects, decreasing the dose may help stop mild diarrhea, fatigue or drowsiness.

We’d also encourage you to speak with a healthcare professional to ensure you’re getting the best out of the product.

Finally, you might also want to try a different CBD brand as it could be the quality of the product that’s the issue.

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