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We’re used to pressing a button and having whatever we need to be delivered straight to our doorstep. We live in an age of instant gratification.

You’ve probably already googled ‘how to buy cannabis online Australia’ and found a number of websites claiming to sell and deliver weed straight to your front door.

While it sounds good in theory, doing this is absolutely not advisable, namely for legal reasons and health reasons.

We understand you’ve probably landed on this article because you want an answer for the aforementioned google search.

We can’t, in good conscience, tell you to go and buy weed online. What we will aim to do, however, is advise you of some of the best growers and producers within the Australian medical market.

This will help you to make an informed decision about which high-quality products you may consider discussing with your GP or cannabis clinician.

Can you buy legal weed in Australia?

Cannabis is still illegal for recreational use. However, medicinal cannabis products, including flower, are available via a prescription through a GP. An appropriate product will be prescribed based on individual symptoms and medical history.

Interestingly, flower accounts for 40% of market share of medicinal cannabis products approved through the SAS-B process.

So, in short, the only legal way to buy cannabis in Australia is by going down the medical pathway.

All other options, even online, are akin to visiting your friend’s uncle who knows a guy. Unsafe and unsavoury.

What Forms of Medicinal Cannabis are Legal in Australia?

It might surprise you to learn that there are 150 medicinal cannabis products legally available in Australia.

The most widely-known form of medicinal cannabis is CBD oil. Still, there’s a laundry list of other types available by prescription. These include, but aren’t limited to:

• Vape powder
• Capsules
• Cream
• Lozenges
• Crystals
• Flower

Legal Weed Options in Australia

Australia’s medical cannabis industry is in its infancy, but several progressive companies are rising through the ranks to supply Aussies with some of the best home-grown, TGA-approved cannabis products.

Benefits of purchasing Australian weed

Besides the fact you’re supporting Australian businesses, jobs, and industry, there are many benefits to obtaining cannabis from an Australian facility.

When cannabis plant material is imported into Australia, it needs to go through a decontamination process called gamma irradiation to reduce any suspected microbial overload.

Gamma rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation similar to X-rays and are often used to sterilise cannabis and other plant matter. According to the TGA, this process is only permitted providing it does not adversely affect the quality of the medicinal cannabis product [1].

However, the procedure remains controversial as there’s some evidence to suggest it may destroy certain terpenes found naturally in the plant.

Arno Hazekamp, Head of Research and Education at Bedrocan International BV, the leading producer of medicinal cannabis in The Netherlands, recently studied the effects of gamma irradiation on cannabis.

Hazekamp’s study used four different strains of cannabis grown by Bedrocan to assess the effects of the sterilisation treatment.

The study found no significant changes to CBD or THC levels in any of the four strains; however, a few terpenes were destroyed.

Hazekamp noted that while some terpenes were damaged or reduced, no new compounds were formed due to the irradiation [2].

Terpenes are naturally fragile and can be destroyed or reduced by vaping, smoking or even decarboxylating weed at very high temperatures.

Where to buy weed online in Australia?

As we’ve said, buying cannabis online is risky business. However, there are a number of forums and groups you can join to discuss cannabis with other like-minded individuals.

This Reddit group is dedicated to discussing all things cannabis in Australia. The discussions vary from medicinal cannabis to experiences using and growing cannabis. It’s a veritable treasure trove for anyone venturing into the wild green yonder of cannabis.

Who are some of the Australian cannabis companies producing top-notch flower?

ANTG (Australian Natural Therapeutics Group) cultivate and manufacture medicinal cannabis products in their state-of-the-art growing facility.

ANTG cultivate their crops in conditions that are as close to nature as possible, primarily using sunshine and supplemental light as required. Plants are grown in stone wool, an all-natural medium that allows optimal root access to nutrients.

Medicinal cannabis products are extracted via a residue-free process using supercritical carbon dioxide (Co2) extraction equipment; the products are then tested both in-house and by an independent third party to ensure quality and consistency.

ANTG flower products approved by the TGA

buy weed online australia

Little Green Pharma (LGP) is another Australian company at the forefront of medicinal cannabis innovation and research.

LGP is a vertically integrated company with operations ranging from cannabis cultivation to production through to manufacturing and distribution within Australian and international markets.

They take an active role in clinical trials and research to ensure they are developing a suitable range of medicinal cannabis products to address the real-world health concerns of Australian’s.

LGP flower products approved by the TGA

buy weed online australia

What next?

The best thing you can do now is to talk with a medical professional about accessing these products.

They will assess you to determine the correct type of cannabis medicine for your specific condition and circumstances.

While it may seem like an easy option to try and order weed online, it’s not a smart way to go about it if you are treating a legitimate health condition.

You won’t have any transparency over how the cannabis has been cultivated, and harmful chemicals and toxins may have been used to treat the plant for mould, mildew or bug infestations.

The other thing to consider is whether it’s the correct strain and strength for your specific condition. If you trawl through some of the Facebook groups, you’ll find no shortage of stories of people trying weed to treat an illness only to have a bad experience with one strain and a much better experience with another.

If you’re interested in exploring different strains and their effects, this Strain Explorer is an excellent place to start your research.

Speaking with a cannabis clinician can help guide you in the right direction and take the appropriate steps to have a safe and enjoyable time utilising cannabis for chronic conditions.

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Department of Health: Therapeutic Goods Administration.
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1 Comment

  1. Tracey Clifford

    Hi Brad

    I have a long story I could go into about my conditions, but you probably have a character limit and so that wouldn’t work, but in short I suffer daily since I was about 11yrs old with my first condition, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis,and later into my 30’s I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis,Hypothyroidism,Irritable bowel syndrome, Polyps, Bipolar, Insomnia,Sleep Apnea, PTSD OCD,Heart Arythmia ,Depression and Anxiety.
    I’m currently part of the Quest Iniative Cannabis oil trial being run via an Eastern States Uni in conjunction with Green Pharma and a TGA approved Physician in Perth.
    My oil initially was the lowest concentrate of CBD only and now 6mths later I’m on the 20/1 CBD/THC oil and I use it under my tongue daily.
    This is my 3rd bottle in total and my 1st of the 20/1 ratio with the THC being the 1 part.
    I fill out online surveys periodically for the Uni n Green Pharma’s studies on my case and I confer with the Physician as to the benefits in relation to my symptoms and my baseline prior to beginning the study.
    I am due shortly for my next Telehealth appt and it’s my belief that I’m ready for a higher THC ratio because I am only now discovering a slight improvement in my sleep patterns, but I need a higher THC percentage in order to better combat the incredibly strong pain I live with 24/7 from all of my combined conditions.
    I am only 56 yrs old and prior to my Arthritis inflammation worsening within the last several years, I use to be able to withstand my pain and I had ridden a bicycle all my life covering anywhere from 50 to 120ks per week to work,shops and to visit friends.
    I mainly only used my car to travel with my kids to various places.
    I understand my body and conditions have worsened over time bit I want to believe that with the right dose, I can find a sweet spot that would allow me to return to more physical activity with reduced pain to soldier on.
    Maybe when my trial is over in 6mths I could turn to being prescribed the flower and make my own oil and make a saving in the overall cost versus using the black market and the risks that come with that option.
    Wish me luck..
    Ps: I luv Hinterland, it’s informative and always up with the currents events and research in the field of this alternative medicine..


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